Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Walgreens 7/21

So I realized that I didn't put my new totals at the bottom of my last post, so I will have to update that this time. Although I am only reporting one Walgreens trip, the savings that will be added are for a trip to CVS, two to Walgreens and one to Walmart. I have also decided that I want to start putting the percentage of savings. This will be a game for me to see how high I can get that number :)

Dr. Scholls Arch Supports (2) $15.58
-$5 July IVC (took of $10)
-$2 MQ
-$2 MQ
-Paid $1.58
-Recieved $5 RR
-Overall I made $3.42!

Colgate Toothpaste $3.49
-$1 MQ
-Paid $2.49
-Received $3.50 RR
-Overall I made $1.01!

Bic Highliters (2) $.98
-Paid $.98

Overall, with tax included, I paid $6.45 OOP and received $8.50 in RR for next time.
(a $2.05 profit!)

Savings Blog to Date:
Coupons: $1008.91
RR/ECB: $507.45
Rebates: $180.07
Total: $1696.43

Because the Walgreens trip was a profit, I didn't calculate the percentage savings because it was over 100% :) However, for Walmart tonight our subtotal was $75.01 and after tax was $32.85. This is a savings of 56%. For Walmart, I would say this is pretty good! Now when I go to Walgreens or CVS I expect a higher number because I go there specifically for the free stuff or even things that are close to free. I think 56% isn't too bad :)


  1. Just popping by to answer your question about many Target coupons. I have 2 computers, friends who will print for me and DH can print at work. I don't usually have anyone do that but this was a special deal. Couldn't pass up mostly free.

  2. That's great! I need to start utilizing my friends and family who don't coupon :)