Monday, January 31, 2011

Walgreens 1/31...Savings of 123%

Fist of all. here is a picture of Haylee from today. I wanted to post it because she is 10 months old today. I really wanted to get one of her standing, but she was tired of standing.

Next line of business, I stopped at Walgreens to try to use up my Sinex coupons. I noticed when I was setting them out to take pictures that the Dayquil wasn't Sinex! Whoops, but the coupon went through with no problem (didn't do it intentionally though). Here is what I got:

Sinex (4) $20
-(4) $4/1 MQs
-$10 RR Earned
-$6 MM!

Bayer Contour Meter $14.99
-$14.99 MIR Submitted
-$5 RR Earned
-$5 MM!

Arnicare $5.99 (accidentally charged for 2, will be returning one)
-$2/1 MQ
-$6 RR Earned
-$2.01 MM!

Butterfinger Snackerz (6) /100 Grand (not pictured)$5.30
-(2) $1/2 MQs
-$2.84 WQ
-$.46 or $.07 each

I was going to get the Blink, but brought a Visine coupon with my by accident. My subtotal was $52.24. I used $20 in MQs and $29.84 in WQ and RRs. I paod $4.99 OOP (includes tax) When I go back to get reimbursed for what I was over charged I will get $6.41 back too. Overall, it was like a savings of 123%

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Walgreens 1/29....Savings of 95%

Same story as CVS, I only really wanted one thing from Walgreens, but had to get more to be able to use up a $10 RR. I ended up using $15 in RR though. This is what I got....

Huggies $8.99
-$2 MQ
-$2 RR Earned

Nivea After Shave $3.99
-$1 MQ
-$3 RR Earned
-$.01 MM!

No Bake Cheesecake (2) $3 (clearance)
-$1.50 each

Kleenex (7) $6.23
-(2) $.50/3 MQ
-$2/1 MQ (printed at Walgreens last week)
-$2 RR Earned
-$1.23 or $.18 each

I bought stamps there too, but didn't picture them. Without them in my total, it was $22.21. I paid $1.21 OOP plus $1.34 tax which is a savings of 95%

CVS 1/29.....Savings of 99%

I was so glad Jason gave in and let me go to CVS and Walgreens. I only really wanted to go to CVS for the Coke and mouthwash, and you can see below what I got.

Coke (5) $15
-$5 ECB Earned
-$10 or $2 each

Kudos (2) $5
-(2) $1/1 CRT from last week
-$1 ECB Earned
-$2 or $1 Each

Revlon Nail Polish (2) $2.74 (clearance)
-$5/2 CRT
-$2.26 MM!

Crest Mouthwash (2) $7.98
-$7.98 ECB Earned

Bic Soleil Razors(6) $40.94
-BOGO 1/2 sale- took off $6.80 (one didn't come 1/2 off, but it had headphones so I still wanted it instead of the other)
-(3) BOGO MQs- took off $6.79 each
-$13.77 or $2.30 each (the headphones were an $18.99 value!)

Snickers (12) $10.68
-Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale (took off $3.56)
-(6) BOGO MQs (took off $.89 each)
-(3) $1/4 CRTs from last week
-$1.22 MM!

I used $25.71 in MQs, $10 in CVS Qs and $35 ECBs. I paid $1.17 plus $2.18 in tax for $82.34 worth of product. This makes my savings 99% although I burned through about $20 in ECB ;(

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Walgreens 1/23...Savings of 95% and lost RRs :(

So when I came home Saturday after being to CVS, Walgreens and Target, Jason was upset that the only thing I came home with that we needed was eggs and sandwich bags. I talked him into letting me go to Walgreens in Sunday and buying things we needed. I paid outrageous prices and some without coupons to keep Jason happy. Here is what I got...

Huggies Diapers $8.99
-$1.50 MQ
-$2 RR Earned

Coffeemate Creamer (3) $7.47
-$1.50/3 MQ
-$1.99 each

Tidy Cats Litter (2) $14.58
-$5 RR Earned for Creamer and Litter
-$9.58 or $4.79 each

Gas-X Prevention (2) $10.48
-(2) $4 MQs
-$2.48 or $1.24 each

Maalox (4) $20.96
-(4) $5/1 MQs
-$10 RR Earned for Gas-X and Maalox
-$9.04 MM!

Nivea After Shave $3.99
-$1 MQ
-$3 RR Earned
-$.01 MM!

Pam (2) $8.78 (OUCH!)
-$1.50/2 MQ
-$7.28 or $3.64 each

Bread (2) $4
-$2 each

It says I saved 95% because I used RRs to pay. I paid with $42.50 in RR and $3.75 OOP, but only got $20 RR back. That's okay though, because I want to keep Jason happy about my drug store shopping!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Target 1/22....Savings of 82%

Again, I wanted to use the coupons I bought on Ebay before they expired. I bought 20 Olay coupons because each one creates $1.03 overage. You can use 4 per transactions, so I did three different transactions to get all of this stuff.

Olay Body Bars (12) $11.64
-(12) $2/1 MQs
-$12.36 MM!

Glade Candles (3) $4.44
-$3/3 MQ
-$1.44 or $.48 each

Nature Valley Granola Bars (4) $4
-(4) $.50/1 MQs
-$2 or $.50 each

Eveready Batteries $1
-$1/1 MQ (Energizer)

Reach Floss $.97
-$1/1 MQ
-$.03 MM!

Eggs $1.39
-$.50 TQ

Drano $3.89
-$1 TQ
-$.55 MQ

Snow Scraper $4.18 (clearance)
-I live in Nebraska and I don'e have one! I do now and it may get some use tomorrow!

Pledge (2) $7.98
-(2) $.50/1 TQs
-$1.50/2 MQ
-$5.48 or $2.74 each

Oscar Mayer Deli Lunch Meat (5) $7.60
-Buy 3 Get 1 Free TQ
-$1/1 TQ
-$5.08 or $1.02 each (amazing!)

GE Lightbulbs (4) $9.76
-(4) $1/1 MQs
-(2) $1.50/1 TQS
-(2) $1/1 TQs
-$.76 or $.19 each

Overall, I had $55.88 in merchandise before coupons and tax. I used $37.05 in MQs and $9.02 in TQs. That left me with $9.81 and tax to pay, which is a savings of 82%. That's pretty good for some of the more expensive things I got today :)

CVS 1/22....Savings of 95%

I wasn't too excited about anything at CVS this week. That is until, I got a $10 off Physician's Formula from the magic red machine. My mom was upset she didn't get any good CRT's. I also got $3 off Huggies Box Diapers that I am waiting for a good deal on. Here is everything I got.

Crest Pro Health Toothpaste (2) $5.68 (clearance)
-(2) $1/1 MQs
-$4 ECB Earned
-$.32 MM!

Garnier Fructise Color Treatment $1.57 (clearance)
-$1/1 MQ

Planters Granola Bars (4) $10 (used raincheck)
-(4) $.75/1 MQs
-$4 ECB Earned
-$3 or $.75 each

Aveeno Stylers (4) $7.96 (clearance)
-(4) $1.50/1 MQs
-$1.96 or $.49 each
-I am using these for my Aveeno Rebate for the lotion

Sally Hansen Nail Polish $.72 (clearance)
-$.50/1 MQ

Sally Hansen Lip Color (2) $4.04 (clearance)
-(2) $1/1 MQs
-$2.04 or $1.02 each

Covergirl Wetslick Lip Gloss $3.39 (clearance)
-$1/1 MQ
-I was hoping the $2 ECB would print, but it didn't. I will probably take this back.

Sinex $4.99
-$4/1 MQ
-$1 ECB Earned
-$.01 MM!

Blink $7.99
-$4/1 MQ (found peelie on package)
-$4 ECB Earned
-$.01 MM!

Orbit Gum (4) $5.16
-2 free with store BOGO sale
-(2) BOGO MQs

Physician's Formula Powder $3.12 (clearance)
-$10 CRT
-$6.88 MM!

This was $54.62 before tax and coupons. The store BOGO sale on the gum saved me $2.58, I used $26.08 in MQs, the $10 CRT and $13 in ECB. I paid $5.03 OOP including tax and that was on a gift card. Overall, I saved 95%

Walgreens 1/22....Savings of 97%

This was my last chance to get to Walgreens and use up some of the Sinex coupons I bought on Ebay. I bought them before Christmas and they never came so I bought more....the next day the first set I ordered showed up, so I had 40 coupons! I also got a couple more of the Kraft Mac and Cheese coupons I wanted to use on the great deal at Walgreens this week. I used RR to pay primarily so had to have "filler items". We needed sandwich bags so those were my filler items!

I did two transactions for all of this stuff.

Sinex (8) $40
-(8) $4/1 MQs
-$20 RR Earned ($10 for each 4 bought)
-$12 MM!

Kraft Mac & Cheese (4) $6.67
-(3) $1/1 MQs
-$1/2 WQ (took off $2)
-$1.67 or $.42 each

Sandwich Bags (5) $9.45
-$4.50 WQ
-$4.95 or $.99 each

Breathe Right Strips (2) $12.58
-(2) Free MQs that printed at Wags a few weeks ago

My subtotal was $68.70 combined between the two transactions. I used $54.08 in coupons and $12.50 in RR. I paid $2.12 OOP plus $4.03 in tax for a total of $6.15 at Walgreens. I walked away with $20 in RR, so was paid $1.35 for all of this AFTER TAX!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Look what I got in the mail today!

Jason and I love getting the mail and race to the mailbox whenever we can. This is probably something most adults don't look forward to as they hate seeing the bills. However, when you get more good stuff coming in than bad stuff, it makes mail time exciting! Here is what came for me today!

I am sure a lot of people are getting their Procter and Gamble Holiday Beauty $20 rebate check like I did today.

More excitingly, I had a package from Bic today. I didn't know what it was and was thinking I got a pen or something. Even better, razor refils! A week or two ago I tried the Bic Soleil Shimmer razor and no lie, absolutely loved it! Right when I got out of the shower, I came down to my computer and wrote them an e-mail. I don't have time to write to 5 companies a day like some people do, but when I really love something, I am gonna let them know. There was an expired coupon in the package and I may have let them know that too ;) Anyways, I didn't hear anything back and thought they weren't going to respond. Well...I was wrong. I got these two packages of refils in the mail letter though, just the refils and that's all. So, thank you Bic for a great start to the weekend!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Walgreens 1/16....again....Paid $21.05 OOP, but earned $26.50 in RR!

I went back to Walgreens today and tried the Sinex deal. Lucky for me, the store I went to had plenty in stock. I did 4 transactions to get all of this stuff. I started with $28.50 in RR and ended with $ an increase of $26.50! I paid $21.05 OOP (includes tax), subtract that from the gain in RR and I was really paid $5.45 for all of this stuff that had a value of over $130 after clearance and sale prices(not to mention 3 bottles of wine)!

Sinex (16) $80
-(16) $4/1 MQs
-$40 RR Earned
-$24 MM!

Advil $4.99
-Free MQ!

Betty Crocker Muffin Mix (3) $2.37 (clearance)
-(3) $.50/1 MQs
-$.87 or $.29 each

Karo Syrup (3) $4.47 (clearance)
-(3) $.40/1 MQs
-$3.27 or $1.09 each

Gummy Snacks (4) $2 (clearance)
-$.50 each

ThermaCare Heat Wrap $2.50
-$2.50 RR Earned

Homestyle Mac & Cheese (4)$6.67
-(3) $1/1 MQs
-$1/2 WQ (took off $2)
-$1.67 or $.42 each (could have been $.17 each if I had another MQ)

Gillette Fusion Proglide Razor (2) $19.98
-(2) $4/1 MQ
-$10 RR Earned
-$1.98 or $.99 each

Sutter Home Moscoto Wine (3) $9.57 (clearance)
-$3.19 each (this made Jason somewhat okay with the trip)

Walgreens 1/16...Savings of 93%

So Jason sent me out to get beans for the chili this morning. I told him I would try Walgreens so I could use register rewards. He said "just get the beans and that's it". Well, they didn't have beans there, but I still shopped. I wanted to pick up a couple of things that we use although they costs money. He thinks EVERYTHING I get is free stuff we don't use. I had $36 in RR and was willing to burn $10 to show Jason that it is all worth it. Unfortunately, the Sinex pills weren't marked at $5 and there was only one box anyways, so I didn't try this deal today. I did buy 20 coupons on ebay though, so hopefully the pills are included in this deal! Here is what I did get though...

Tuf Trash Bags (2) $9.98
-$4.99 each on sale

Gillette Fusion Proglide Razor $9.99
-$4/1 MQ
-$5 RR Earned

Joint Juice $10
-$1/1 MQ
-$10 RR Earned
-$1 MM!

Thermacare Heat Wrap $2.50
-$1/1 MQ
-$2.50 RR Earned
-$1 MM!

Pocket Tissues (2) $1
-$1 or $.50 each

After sales, but before coupons and tax my total was $33.47. I used $6 in MQs and $25 in RR. I paid $2.47 plus $2.34 in tax for an overall savings of 93%....and more importantly, I bought trash bags so Jason can see that I don't just use RR on free stuff we don't use!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

CVS 1/15....Savings of 99%

I haven't been able to do the Maalox deal yet and wanted to make sure I atleast got a raincheck for this moneymaker. Here is what else I got....

Wisk (5) $20 (I used a raincheck and he only rang up 4 of them)
-(5) $2/1 MQs
-$10 ECB Earned
-All Free after ECB by accident

Special K Cereal (2) $6.67
-BOGO MQ $3.33
-$4 ECB Earned (already had one purchased towards the deal)
-$.66 MM after ECB!

Stayfree Pads (4) $15.56
-BOGO 1/2 sale took off $3.88
-(2) BOGO MQs took off max $6 ($3 each)
-(2) $1/1 MQs
-$3.68 or $.92 each (probably wouldn't have gotten these if I would have read the max on the BOGO is $3. I was planning on $1.90 for all 4)

Reese's $1.59
-$1.59 ECB Earned
-Free after ECB!

Rimmel Eye Shadow $.99 (clearance)
-$1/1 MQ
-$.01 MM!

Holiday Pocket Kleenex $.25 (clearance)

Revlon Mascara w/ Bonus liner (2) $5.24 (clearance)
-(2) $1/1 MQs
-$3.24 or $1.62 each (I thought these were cheaper too)

Neutrogena End Mender $1.94 (clearance)
-$8 ECB Earned (I had a raincheck and asked if I could use it and he let me!)
-$6.06 MM!

Overall, my subtotal was $48.34. I used $24.33 in MQs and $23.42 in ECB. I then owed $.59 plus $2.42 in tax ($3.01). I paid $2.59 on a gift card and $.42 OOP! If you factor that all in, it is a savings of 99.2% I did have a couple of things work in my favor though!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Walgreens 1/11...Savings of 94%

So I am getting cofused on calculating my savings. On here, I calculate it when the RR/ECB are earned, but on my Savings Tracker, I calculate it when they are redeemed. So, to make my life simpler, I will start to just calculate when they are redeemed!
I did two transactions for this stuff and here is how I did...

Stayfree Liners (4) $27.16
-(2) BOGO MQs (max $6) took off $12
-(2) $1/1 MQs
-$3 WQ (took off $12 -- $3 for each)
-$.42 MM!

Jergens Lotion (2)$8.58
-$3/2 MQ
-earned $5 RR

Uno (3) $2.97
-$.99 each (wanted these for the classroom!)

Gummy Vitamins $5
-earned $5 RR

EOS Lip Balm $2.99
-earned $2 RR

Biore Face Wash (2) $8.38 (clearance)
-(2) $2/1 MQs
-earned $5 RR

Rimmel Lip Gloss (2) $3.28 (she entered the prices manually so these were goofy)
-BOGO MQ took off $1.09
-$1/1 MQ
-$.55 BOGO 1/2 store sale
-$.64 or $.32 each!

Bic Triumph Pens (2) $3.98
-(2) $2/1 MQs (adjusted to $1.99 each)

Overall, my combines totals would have been been $62.34 plus tax. I used $27.07 in MQs and $31.55 in RR, store sales and store coupons. This means I paid $3.72 plus tax for all of this stuff! However, I started with $46 in RR and ended with $44 which is a loss of $2 in RR. Take that into account and it was a savings of 91%.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

CVS 1/11...Savings of 83% after the clearance prices!

While Jason and Haylee went to the YMCA, I went to CVS and Walgreens. I was very pleased with both stops. I was hoping for the $10 Physician's Formula CRT but settled for the $3 one I got. Here is everything I got....

Aussie Shampoo (2 big ones!) $3.74 (clearance)
-$3.74 or $1.87 each

Aussie Hairspray (2) $5.98
-(2) Free wyb Shampoo or conditioner MQ
-Free! (I was hoping they would have taken off the non-sale price like sometimes they do, but am still happy with getting them for free after the huge shampoo I found on clearance!)

Garnier Fructis Conditioner $.99 (clearance)
-$1 MQ adjusted to $.99

Suave Conditioner $.54 (clearance)
-$.50/1 MQ

Aveeno Styler (2) $3.98
-(2) $1.50/1 MQs
-$.98 or $.49 each
-These will count as two towards my Aveeno Lotion Rebate!

Dove Candy Bar $.89
-$.50 CRT
-$.89 ECB Earned
-$.50 MM!

Physician's Formula Concealer $.79
-$.79 (after the $7 off weekly deal)

Physician's Formula Powder $2.37 (clearance)
-$3 CRT
-$.63 MM!

Overall, I spent $5.31 plus tax for a total of $6.60. I used $5 in ECB and $1.60 on a gift card. I earned $1.89 in ECB so, I got all of this for $4.71 and that is after tax!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas....and Haylee!!!

Haylee sleepng in her highchair for the first time!

Uncle Jason and Cade

Look at that mess Kael, Camdyn and Grace made! (too cute!)

Camdyn and Grace


Cousins! Too bad Camdyn's eyes are closed, but this is the best picture Cade would allow

CVS 1/8...over $100 for FREE!

This trip was a headache. That is what I get for waiting until Saturday to do my shopping. I had my trip all planned out with two transactions, but they were out of two of the big things, so I had to get rainchecks. Here is what I was able to get...

Peanut Butter M&Ms $.50
-should have printed $.89 ECB, but that's next weeks deal and it's still going off this weeks deal.

Special K Cereal (4) $13.33
-(2) BOGO MQs took off $4.19 for each
-$1/2 MQ
-$4 ECB Earned
-$.05 MM!

Tweezers $1.99 (clearance from $7.99)

Xtra Detergent (2) $3.98
-(2) $1/1 MQ
-$1.98 or $.99 each

Huggies Diapers $8.99
-Free MQ from Enjoy the Ride Rewards (took off $11.99!)
-$1 ECB Earned
-$4 MM!

Finish Dish Tabs (7) $21
-(7) $2.25/1 MQs
-$10 ECB Earned
-$4.75 MM!

Diet Coke (4) $6.76
-(2) BOGO CVS Qs
-(2) Free MQs from MyCokeRewards

Sally Hansen Lip $5.99 (should have been $1.50 on clearance will be taking this back)
-$1/1 MQ

I haven't got to do the Wisk deal yet, so got a raincheck for that. I also got a raincheck for the Planter's Granola Bars. I spent $12 ECB and $6.61 (includes tax) on a gift card. I earned $15 ECB so when I take the Sally Hansen Lip Gloss back, it will have been a money maker. I would have also been better if the M&Ms were on next weeks deal instead of this week. Overall not bad though!

Target 1/8 -- Leapster Toy at 75% Off!

I bought 20 Olay coupons online knowing that they would give overage. The cat food also gave me overage so I headed to the toy clearance to absorb that. This is what I got

Olay Body Bar (4) $3.88
-(4) $2/1 MQs
-%4.12 MM!

Jergens Trial Lotion $.97
-$1 MQ
-$.03 MM!

Goodlife Recipe Cat Food (4) $3.08
-(4) $1.50/1 MQs
-$2.92 MM!

Reach Floss (6) $5.82
-(6) $1/1 (adjusted down to $.97 each)
- He also took $1 off when he scanned the first coupon
-$1 MM...unintentionally!

Eveready Batteries (5) $5
-(5) $1/1 Energizer MQ

Drano Max $3.89
-$1/1 TQ
-$.55 MQ
-$2.34 (we needed this!)

Ornaments (2) $.60 (clearance $.30 each)

Holiday Table Runner $1 (no price tag, we agreed on $1)

Zippity Disney Leapster Game $19.98 (clearance down from $79.99!)

Overall I spent $16.85 plus $2.62 in tax for all of this. Not too bad when the game alone should have been $80!

Walgreens 1/8...$6.14 MM!

I wanted to do the Natrol Acai deal yet again, but someone took all of the coupons out of the boxes at the store I went to this morning and the store in the afternoon was all out of the product. However, I was able to pick up the Omega Factor 3 while I was there. Again, I did two transactions but am listing it as one.

Omega Factor 3 $10
-$3 MQ from inside box
-$10 RR Earned
-$3 MM!

Biore Cleanser (2) $8.38 (clearance)
-(2) $2/1 MQs
-$5 RR Earned
-$.62 MM!

Oscillo (2) $17.98
-(2) $2/1 MQs
-$18 RR Earned
-$2.02 MM!

Hunts Sauce (3) $2.97
-$.99/3 instore coupon
-$.99 or $.33 each

Holiday Gummy Cups (2) $.50 (clearance)
-$.50 or $.25 each

I may go to the store I originally went to for some more Natrol Acai. We'll see how nice the hubby is feeling!

Walgreens 1/7...$9.56 Money Maker!

After I read about the Natrol Acai easy money maker, I knew I had to go try. This is two transactions, listed as one!

Natrol Acai (4) $45.96
-BOGO sale took off $22.98
-(4) $3/1 MQs inside box
-$20 WQ ($5 for each one)
-$9.02 MM!

Coffeemate (2) $4.98 (not pictures)
-BOGO sales took off $2.49
-(2) $1/1 MQs
-$.49 or $.25 each

Oscillo (2) $17.98
-(2) $2/1 MQs
-$18 RR Earned ($9 each)
-$4.02 MM!

Nivea After Shave $3.99
-$3 RR Earned

Penway Highlighters (10) $2

Before coupons, sales and tax, my total for both was $74.91. After everything, I paid $4.04 OOP and spent $9 in RR...but earned another $21!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

CVS 1/1...Savings of 103%

I made my first shopping trip of the year at CVS. I wanted to try to get the photobooks although I have read that the coupon was giving some people trouble. There are 5 CVS stores in Lincoln and it was the third one I called that I found I would be able to use the coupons one BOGO 6 by 8 photobooks (eventhough the coupons was for a 8 by 10 and the sale was for an 8 by 10) I am happy I was able to do this deal in time for our last family Christmas today! Here is how I was able to make $65.40 free plus some in my favor!

Kodak Photobooks (4) $25.98 (BOGO sale)
-(2) BOGO MQs

Dawn Dish Soap (2) $1.88
-(2) $.50/1 MQs
-$.88 or $.44 each

Excedrin Extra Strength Tablets (2)$9.58
-$1/1 MQ
-Free MQ from mail
-$5 ECB Earned
$1.21 MM!

Excedrin Extra Strength Gel Cap $5.49
-$1/1 MQ
-$2.50 ECB Earned

Excedrin Migraine $5.49
-Free MQ from mail
-$2.50 ECB Earned
-$2.50 MM!

Listerine Zero Mouthwash (2) $10
-(2) $2/1 MQs
-$5 ECB Earned
-$1 or $.50 each

Revlon Fingernail Clippers $2.99
-$1/1 MQ
-$3.50 ECB Earned
-$1.51 MM!

Revlon Toenail Clippers $3.99
-$1/1 MQ
-$3.50 ECB Earned
-$.51 MM!

Target 12/31...Savings of 81%

I loved it when Jason asked me to go get a Ham for our family Christmas. I went straight to Super Target because there were some things I wanted to get. Unfortunately there was no ham left so I had to spend $25 on one at a local grocery store. Here is what I got at Target though...

Worlds Best Cat Litter $7.49
-$3 MQ
-$4.49 MIR

Barilla Plus Pasta (2) $3.68
-$1.84 or $.92 each

NYC Nail Polish (2) $1.88
-(2) $1/1 MQs
-(2) $1/1 TQs
-$2.12 MM!

Mens Vaseline Lotion (trial) $1.29
-$1.50/1 TQ
-$.21 MM!

Christmas Stocking $2.50 (clearance orig. $10)

Tide Trial Size (2) $1.94
-(2) $1/1 MQs
-$.06 MM!

Eveready Batteries (3) $3
-(3) $1/1 Energizer MQ

Huggies Wipes Tub (2) $4.78
-(2) $1/1 MQ
-(2) Free MQ from Enjoy the Ride Rewards
-$2 MM!

Huggies Wipes Refil $5.99
-$1.50/1 TQ
-Free MQ from Enjoy the Ride Rewards
-$1.50 MM!

Coffeemate (6)$10.44
-(6) $.55/1
-$7.14 or $1.19 each

Holiday Mug and Hot Chocolate Mix $2.49 (clearance orig. $10)

Pillsbury Cookie Mix (3) $1.47 (clearance)
-(3) $.50/1 MQ
-$.03 MM!

My subtotal was $46.95 and after coupons and the rebate was $9.05!