Saturday, April 28, 2012

4/28 Super Saver......80% Savings

I wanted to use my free Kraft Fresh Takes coupon that Amy (our daycare provider) gave me at Super Saver because they are part of a buy five save $5. My favorite juice was also on sale and some energy drinks for Jason. I love it when he is out on the road and comes home with good coupons for things that he wants. It's even better when those coupons make the items free! This is the second time that he has done it and he appreciates my couponing more :)

NOS Energy Drinks (9) $9
-(9) $1/1 MQs

Old Orachrd Cranberry Naturals (4) $6
-(2) $1/2 MQs
-$4 or $1 each

Bananas $.54/lb (not great, but Hay loves them!)

Red Baron Pizza $4.50
-$4/1 SS Facebook Q

Fresh Takes (5) $11.25
-FREE MQ (took off $2.25)
-(2) $1/1 MQs
-$1.50/2 MQ
-$5 wyb 5 SC
-$.50 or $.10 each

Subtotal: $31.94
MQs: $16.75
SQs: $9
OOP: $6.19

Savings: 80.6%

CVS 4/28....100% Savings!

I started with $22.48 in ECBs and ended with $23.99. This is amazing because I have $40 worth of Zyrtec for Jason! Here is how I did it:

Zyrtec (2) $30 (originally $20 each and 30 ct, but these are bonus 40 ct!)
-$5/$30 Allergy CRT that printed today (nice surprise as I was already planning on buying these)
-$10/2 Zyrtec CRT
-$8/2 MQ
-$7 or $3.50 each

Blink Tears $8.99
-$1/1 MQ
-$8.99 ECB Earned
-$1 MM!

Physician's Formula Concealer $5.99
-$3/1 CRT that printed today (another nice surprise!)
-$7 ECB Earned
-$4.01 MM!

American Greeting Cards (3) $2.97
-$2/3 CVS Q
-$3 ECB Earned
-$2.03 MM!

Subtotal: $47.95
MQs: $9
CVS Qs/ECBs: $37.48
Tax: $3.36
OOP: $3.83 (on gift card, so technically 100% savings!)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

CVS 4/3...Special K :)

When I read about the Special K deal, I thought it was time to get back to CVS. I had $6 ECBs burning a whole in my pocket too. Here is how I did (in 3 transactions):

Special K Cereal/Bars (9) $22.50
-(2) $.75/1 MQs
-(2) $1/2 MQs
-$1/3 MQ
-$5 Savingstar Credit
-$12 ECB Earned
-$1 or $.11 each

Depends $3.99
-$1 MQ
-$2 CVS Q
-$2 ECB Earned
-$1.01 MM!

Complete Solution $8.99
-$8.99 ECB Earned

Bumble Bee Tuna (2) $1
-$1/2 MQ

Subtotal: $36.48
MQ: $6.50
CVSQ/ECB: $14.99
Savingstar: $5
Tax: $.78
OOP: $10.77 which was all on gift cards earned through Swagbucks
Savings: 100%

I started with $5.99 in ECBs and ended with $17.99 which is an increase of $12, so that too covers what I spent "OOP".

Sunday, April 1, 2012

March Savings Totals!

I just realized that I didn't do many post in March. You would think that because I was home on maternity leave for most of the month, I would have done some more. Well, I still shopped, but thought it was a pain to set everything up to take a picture and then put it all away. Anyways, I am happy that I am doing my savings total the day after the month :)

I did go over a little bit this month. However, I have been below recently so I am okay with it. Also, Haylee's birthday party was yesterday and we had to buy supplies for that as well! I should have waited to do my savings post until uploaded Haylee's birthday pictures. I may have to add them later :)

Here is how I did in March:

Subtotal (after sale/clearance prices): $1061.09
Manufacturer Coupons: $284.24
Store Coupons (includes ECBs/RRs/Gift Cards): $430.21
Mail-In-Rebates: $32.99
Tax: $16.22
Out-Of-Pocket: $329.87
Savings (including tax): 70.44%