Friday, November 26, 2010

CVS 11/26/10 - - Hello Rainchecks :)

I should have went to CVS yesterday, because as you can tell from the picture below, I had to get rainchecks. Not that I don't mind them, but I had my scenario all worked out two spend on tax out of pocket (just over $2). Instead, I put everything I can in one transaction and spend more out of pocket than I wanted to. Oh well, still all very good deals.

Two of my bigger money makers are in the form of rainchecks now, so I will have to see if I can find a store with some stock before the coupons that make them money makers expire.

Colgate Sensitive (2) $7.98
-$1 MQ
-$.75 MQ
-$7.98 ECB
-$1.75 MM!

Listerine Pocketpaks (2) $5.98
-(2) $.50 MQs
-$5.98 ECB
-$1 MM!

Reese's (5) $3.95
-$3.95 ECB

Peanut Butter M&Ms (5) $7.95
-$7.95 ECB

Renpure Conditioner (2) $9.98 (last two on shelf)
-$9.98 ECB

Loreal Go Clean Facewash (3) $5.25 (clearance)
-(3) $1 MQs
-$2.25 or $.75 each (originally $6.99 each)

My rainchecks are for the Gillette Deoderant, Herbal Essences Shampoo, Excedrin and Advil. I started with $14 ECB and spent $17.59 OOP. Subtract those two from the ending ECBs of $39.84 and I made $8.25 profit! Now hopefully there are some good deals at CVS and Walgreens in the next couple of weeks :)

Savings Blog to Date:
Coupons: $2474.90
RR/ECB: $1149.35
Rebates: $229.03
Total: $3853.28

Walgreens Again 11/26/10 - - 116.75% Savings :)

Like I said, I was going to try a different Walgreens to do my Secret/Old Spice deal and I found the most wonderful cashier ever. I already told their manager in person, but I am going to call or send an e-mail too. (that's how good she was) Anyways, I started with $7 RR and ended with $18.99. I spent $6.36 OOP (includes tax). Subtract the $7 starting RR and $6.36 OOP from the ending RR and you have yourself a $5.63 MONEYMAKER!! See below for everything I was paid to take from Walgreens :)

Secret Deoderant Trials (6) $5.94
-Needed these for the Old Spice Spray Coupon
- $5.94

Old Spice Body Spray (3) $11.97
-$12 RR ($4 each)
-(3) Free wyb 2 Secret Deoderants ($11.97)
-$12 MM!

Crest 3D White Toothpaste (2) $5.98
-$6 RR ($3 each)
-(2) $.75 MQs
-$1.52 MM!

Advil PM $.99
-$.99 RR

Carmels (3) $.99
-Filler Items

Nivea Shave Gel (2) $5.98
-$6 RR
-$.02 MM!

Gum Flossers (2) $4.50
-(2) $.75 MQs
-$4.50 RR ($2.25 each)
-$1.50 MM!

Thanksgiving Walgreens 84% Saving...with a Couple of Toys!

I had my whole Walgreens trip planned out perfectly. I was coming in with $5 in RR, would spend $5.42 OOP in four transation (that include 7% tax) and would have $27.45 left in RR to buy Haylee some toys that were 50% off.

I thought everything was going perfectly as my Walgreens was fully stocked. I go to check out and Judy (my favorite) is there. There also happens to be another lady who I can't stand hovering over Judy's shoulder. One of the deals I was going to do in 3 out of my 4 transactions was shot down! (Buy two Secret Deoderants get the Old Spice Spray free) I was going to buy trial sizes, which no where do it say you can't. Oh well, I tried to think on my feet which didn't work to well with a nearly 8 month old and a sister in-law who is out drug store shopping with me for the first time.

Any how, this is how I did...Not as good as I wanted, but still pretty good as I saved 84%. I am going to a different Walgreens to try my deal again today!

I did five transactions to get all of this stuff.

Cotton Swabs $2.99
-Just needed these and was a good time to get them for free

Gillette Fusion After Shave Lotion $5.49
-$5.50 RR

Nivea Shave Gel $2.99
-$3 RR

Olay Body Wash (3) $10.47
-$7.50 RR ($2.50 each)
-$15 MQ (wyb Secret)
-$12.03 MM!

Secret Body Spray (3) $10.47
-$10.50 RR
-$.03 MM!

Scunci Hair Elastics $1.99
-$2 RR
-$.01 MM!

Bic Sol Razors (2) $5.98
-(2) $2 MQs
-$4 RR ($2 each)
-$2.02 MM!

Herbal Essences Shampoo $2.49
-$2 MQ
-$1.50 RR
-$1.01 MM!

Tap and Learn Drum $4.99
-Christmas Toy for Haylee :)

Learning Baby Tad $9.99
-Christmas Toy for Haylee :)

So Overall, I spent $9.60 OOP (includes tax) for all of this stuff. I started with $5in RR and ended with $7. So I guess this all cost me $7.60 and that includes the toys! Not as good as it could have been, but I am still thankful...After all it was Thanksgiving :)

Savings Blog to Date:
Coupons: $2429.18
RR/ECB: $1117.85
Rebates: $229.03
Total: $3776.06

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Haylee and Savings Updates!!!

First things first, Haylee's top teeth are finally starting to cut through. Her poor gums have been swollen for what seems to be months and finally they are starting to come through. If I can see right, I think she has four coming through up top too! Like the doctor said she is a pretty mature little girl. I can already see what is in store for me :)

Then, here is my savings update. I had recepits coming out of my ears, so had to post and show that although I don't have time to post, I am still saving money :)

Savings Blog to Date:
Coupons: $2345.05
RR/ECB: $1091.85
Rebates: $229.03
Total: $3665.93

Friday, November 19, 2010

Old Navy.....Christmas Presents at 85% Savings not including the Gift Card

I read on other blogs that Old Navy had an extra 50% off of their clearance and there was a 30% off coupon that expired yesterday that could be stacked. On top of it all, I had a gift card that had $27 left on it. See below for pictures of what I bought.

Purple Shirt $1.56 (orig. $6.50)
Plaid Shirt $2.79 (orig. $14.50)
Jeans $5.25 (orig. $24.50)
Jeans $3.32 (orig. $24.50)
Green Shirt $2.26 (orig. $24.50)
Floral Top $4.19 (orig. $26.50)
Cardigan $1.74 (orig. $19.50)
White Shirt $1.92 (orig. $14.50)
Plaid Dress $3.14 (orig. $16.50)
Flower Dress $3.32 (orig. $16.50)
Purple Pants $1.57 (orig. $16.50)
Tan Pants $1.57 (orig. $16.50)

Before the gift card my total was $35.10 (includes tax). Without the clearance and the 30% off coupon, the total merchandise was $224. That is a savings of 85%, but if you add in the gift card, my savings was 96%. :)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Walgreens 11/6 $57.52 in products for $7.90 proft after tax!!!

I knew I wanted to hit up Walgreens one more time before tomorrow and I was able to get there today. I haven't seen the lady that checked me out before, but she did say that my transactions were of the best that she has seen. :) In total I got $57.52 worth of stuff for $5.60 OOP. I started with $8.50 in RR and ended with $22. So overall it was a profit of $7.90!

I did two transactions, but for the sake of making things easier for me, they are all combined here!

Nyquil Synex (3) $15
-(3) $4/1 MQ
-$7.50 RR
-$4.50 MM!

Nyquil $5
-$1.50/1 MQ
-$2.50 RR

Zarbee's Cough Syrup (2) $11.98
-(2) $3/1 MQs
-$12 RR
-$6.02 MM!

Aleve 200 ct $16.99
-Free MQ from e-mailing company
-$4 WQ
-$4 MM!

Edge Shave Gel (2) $5.58 (These each came with a bonus Schick razor)
-WQ for $1.99 each (took off) $1.60
-$1.19 or $.60 each

Hunts Sauce (3) $2.97
-WQ 3/$.99

Savings Blog to Date:
Coupons: $2204.96
RR/ECB: $1036.90
Rebates: $212.03
Total: $3453.89

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

CVS 11/3/10 89% Savings

I wasn't planning to go to CVS today, but my mom had $7 ECB that were expiring today. I didn't even have my ECB with me, but I did have my binder of coupons. This is what I picked up!

Bull Frogs Quik Stick Sunscreen $1.21 (clearance)
-$1 MQ

Halloween Bucket Popcorn $2.49 (clearance)

Halloween Bag Pretzels $1.49 (clearance)

Revlon Nail Enamel $1.74 (clearance)
-$3 CRT
-$1 MQ
-$2.26 MM!

I spent $2.14 including tax! I had to get popcorn and pretzels to fill my overage :)

Savings Blog to Date:
Coupons: $2158.11
RR/ECB: $1028.40
Rebates: $212.03
Total: $3398.54