Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Walgreens 84% Saving...with a Couple of Toys!

I had my whole Walgreens trip planned out perfectly. I was coming in with $5 in RR, would spend $5.42 OOP in four transation (that include 7% tax) and would have $27.45 left in RR to buy Haylee some toys that were 50% off.

I thought everything was going perfectly as my Walgreens was fully stocked. I go to check out and Judy (my favorite) is there. There also happens to be another lady who I can't stand hovering over Judy's shoulder. One of the deals I was going to do in 3 out of my 4 transactions was shot down! (Buy two Secret Deoderants get the Old Spice Spray free) I was going to buy trial sizes, which no where do it say you can't. Oh well, I tried to think on my feet which didn't work to well with a nearly 8 month old and a sister in-law who is out drug store shopping with me for the first time.

Any how, this is how I did...Not as good as I wanted, but still pretty good as I saved 84%. I am going to a different Walgreens to try my deal again today!

I did five transactions to get all of this stuff.

Cotton Swabs $2.99
-Just needed these and was a good time to get them for free

Gillette Fusion After Shave Lotion $5.49
-$5.50 RR

Nivea Shave Gel $2.99
-$3 RR

Olay Body Wash (3) $10.47
-$7.50 RR ($2.50 each)
-$15 MQ (wyb Secret)
-$12.03 MM!

Secret Body Spray (3) $10.47
-$10.50 RR
-$.03 MM!

Scunci Hair Elastics $1.99
-$2 RR
-$.01 MM!

Bic Sol Razors (2) $5.98
-(2) $2 MQs
-$4 RR ($2 each)
-$2.02 MM!

Herbal Essences Shampoo $2.49
-$2 MQ
-$1.50 RR
-$1.01 MM!

Tap and Learn Drum $4.99
-Christmas Toy for Haylee :)

Learning Baby Tad $9.99
-Christmas Toy for Haylee :)

So Overall, I spent $9.60 OOP (includes tax) for all of this stuff. I started with $5in RR and ended with $7. So I guess this all cost me $7.60 and that includes the toys! Not as good as it could have been, but I am still thankful...After all it was Thanksgiving :)

Savings Blog to Date:
Coupons: $2429.18
RR/ECB: $1117.85
Rebates: $229.03
Total: $3776.06

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