Monday, July 25, 2011

Money Making Trip to OfficeMax ;)

I had one more $15/$50 coupon to use and I wanted to see if the Sharpie pens were included in the $5/3 coupon that I found at the store last time. They were and here is how I did overall:

Ful Tote $29.99
-$29.99 MaxPerks Earned

PaperMate Pencils (69) $13.80 (clearance)
-$15/$50 OfficeMax Coupon (this actually goes with the whole purchase!)
-$2.20 MM!

OfficeMax Printer Paper (2) $13.98
-$13.96 MaxPerks Earned
-$.02 or $.01 each

Sharpie Pens (18) $27
-(6) $5/3 OfficeMax Coupons
-$3 MM!

All together, this trip made me $5.18. I used previous MaxPerks to pay, so I spent nothing OOP :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

CVS 7/23...Two weeks of deals in one stop!

I already had $20 towards the gas card deal, so had to go back last night to spend $10 more to get $10 back....makes sense right?! I also took my next weeks trips/coupons with me just in case the sale was turned on. Luckily it was, so I walked out with ALOT of stuff! I only forgot to get the PaperMate pens. Oh well, here is how I did:

Kleenex (6) $13.62
-BOGO Sale (took off $6.81)
-(2) $.50/3 MQs
-$5.81 or $1.14 each

Cheerios (2) $5
-(2) $1/1 MQs
-$3 or $1.50 each

This is what I got for the previous week and earned my $10 gas card. So $8.81 OOP for a $10 gas card :)

Renu $7.89
-$2/1 MQ
-$6 ECB Earned
-$.11 MM!

Crest Pro-Health $2.99
-$1/1 MQ
-$2 ECB Earned
-$.01 MM!

Skintimate (2) $4.38
Schick Hydro 5 (2) $15.98
-(2) $1.50/1 Skintimate MQs
-(2) $2/1 Schick CVS Qs
-(2) $3/1 Schick MQs
-$10 ECB Earned
-$2.64 MM!

Bengay $5.79
-$5/1 MQ
-$2 ECB Earned
-$1.21 MM!

Aussie (4) $9.94 (only $20 left to get a $10 gas card :)
-(2) $1/1 MQs
-(2) $3/2 MQs (everything scanned just fine!)
-$1.94 or $.49 each

My subtotal was $65.60. I used $28 in MQs and $10.81 in CVS Qs and BOGO sale. I used a gift card to pay for the remaining $26.79 plus $3.77 in tax. However, I got back a $10 gas card and $20 ECBs. Therefore, INLCUDING tax this all costs me $.56 :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Walgreens 7/22.....99% Savings!

We needed eggs and I offered to go as I just printed off the Mitchum coupons yesterday. I also went to Walgreens yesterday and used up my Dove coupons except two. So, I had four $4 RRs I could use to pay for the eggs. I did two transactions since I only had Dove RRs and I wanted to get the Dove one more time. It is listed on here as one to make it more simple though:

Eggs (2) $2.58
-$1.29 each (cheaper than listed so had to scramble at the register...folders)

Mitchum Deoderant (2) $6
-(2) $1/1 MQs
-$4 RR Earned

Dove Men+Care Soap (2) $12
-(2) $4/1 MQs
-$4 RR Earned

PaperMate Mechanical Pencils (4) $.76
-$.19 each (good fillers for a teacher ;)

Folders (10) $.90
-$.09 each (again, good fillers for a teacher ;)

Altogether, my subtotal was $22.24. I paid with $10 in MQs, $12 in RR and $.24 OOP plus $1.38 tax for a total of $1.62. That's cheaper than the two dozen eggs! However, I did lose $4 RR, but oh well, that is what they are there for and I saved 99%!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

OfficeMax 7/21....Expiring MaxPerks

I had just over $30 in MaxPerks expiring at the end of the month. I have been trying to use them online on items that would earn me more, but every time I would attempt to, those items would be discontinued.

Well, I had a $15/$50 if I went in store to do my shopping so that is what I did. Here is what I was able to get:

Hammermill Copy Paper (2) $13.99
-$11.99 MaxPerks Earned
-$2 or $1 each

Pink Pearl Erasers (3) $3
-$3 or $1 each

Expo Markers (4) $10
Sharpie 24 ct (2) $12 (came with bonus reusable tote to decorate)
-(2) $5/3 Office Max Coupons (attached to display!)
-$12 or $2 each

Laptop Bag $18 (clearance, originally $32.99)

Certificate Paper (2) $8.20 (clearance, originally $11.98)
-Perfect to give out awards to my students :)

I also recycled 7 ink cartridges which earns me $21. This all would have costs me $65.18, but I used $25 in Office Max Coupons and will be getting $32.98 in MaxPerks credit. So that means this all costs me $7.20 which I used expiring ZERO out of pocket!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

CVS 7/12....Lumene!!!

I ordered 20 Lumene coupons on Ebay and got them today. I also bought a $56 CVS gift card that came today too. I had to get there today because I was so excited. Here is what I got:

Lumene Eye Make-Up Remover Wipes (15) $40.95
Lumene Creme (3) $11.37
-(13) $4/1 MQs
-$10 ECB Earned
-$5 Beauty ECB Earned (don't normally add this in because I don't have them yet)
-$14.68 MM! (and I am $7.85 away from another $5!)

Oral-B Pulsar (2) $11.98 (raincheck)
-(2) $3/1 MQs
-$6 ECB Earned
-$.02 MM!

Balance Bar $1.69
-$1.69 ECB Earned

Bayer Advanced $3 (raincheck)
-$2/1 MQ
-$1 ECB Earned
-$1 MIR
-$1 SavingStar Credit
-$2 MM!

Altogether, the subtotal was $68.99. I used $59.25 in MQs and $10 ECBs (used first to help with tax, but one total went -$.60 and my last $3 coupon was still adjusted down to $2.25). Still, when combining all transactions, my total was -$.05 and I paid $3.43 ($3.48 tax).

I started with NO ECBs and now have $8.69 plus a $1 MIR and a $1 SavingStar Credit and will be getting $5 ECBs for Beauty Club. This was a $12.26 MM trip after you factor in tax!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

CVS 7/6 and Gas Card Deal!

With the $2 Starburst CRT and them being a part of the Gas Card Deal this week, I thought I would take a shot at my first week of getting the Gas Card at CVS. The first transaction is all that is pictured although I went back today to finish it up.

Always Pads $2.99
-$2/1 MQ (came in mail)
-$.99 (part of Gas Card Deal)

Always Infinity $3.99
-$2/1 MQ (from Tampax box)
-$2 ECB Earned
-$.01 MM!

Dawn Dish Soap $.99
-$.25/1 MQ (Organize in Style Book)
-$.74 (part of Gas Card Deal)

Starburst (2) $5
-(2) $2/1 CRTs
-$1 or $.50 each (part of Gas Card Deal)

My subtotal was $12.97. I used $4.25 in MQs, $4 in CRTs and $5 in ECBs. This brought my total negative and I paid $.28 OOP of the $.56 tax. My savings tracker calls this a savings of 102.16%.

I had $21.02 left to spend to get my Gas Card. I knew I would get another Starburst $2 CRT and I was also going to get the Pampers. So when I went today, I picked up those two items.

Starburst $2.50
-$2/1 CRT

Pampers $18.99
-$4/1 MQ (came in mail)

I used $2 and $1 ECB to bring my total down to $12.49 plus $1.26 tax for a total of $13.75. I also earned my $10 Gas Card!

Overall, my Gas Card Deal looked like this:

Pampers $18.99
Starburst (3) $7.50
Dawn $.99
Always $2.99

Total: $30.47-$6.25 MQs- $6 CRTs- $10 Gas Card = $8.22 for all of this!

Friday, July 1, 2011

June Savings Total

Here is how I did in June. Our budget is $200 a month.

Shelf Cost: $965.54
Manufacturer Coupons: $370.43
Store Coupons/ RRs/ ECBs: $372.39
Mail-In Rebates: $52.95 and a free bag of Iams Dog Food
Tax Paid: $29.38

I paid $169.77 plus $29.38 tax for a total of $199.15. This is the closest I have come to going over the budget :)

Overall, this is a savings of 82% not including the tax!