Friday, July 22, 2011

Walgreens 7/22.....99% Savings!

We needed eggs and I offered to go as I just printed off the Mitchum coupons yesterday. I also went to Walgreens yesterday and used up my Dove coupons except two. So, I had four $4 RRs I could use to pay for the eggs. I did two transactions since I only had Dove RRs and I wanted to get the Dove one more time. It is listed on here as one to make it more simple though:

Eggs (2) $2.58
-$1.29 each (cheaper than listed so had to scramble at the register...folders)

Mitchum Deoderant (2) $6
-(2) $1/1 MQs
-$4 RR Earned

Dove Men+Care Soap (2) $12
-(2) $4/1 MQs
-$4 RR Earned

PaperMate Mechanical Pencils (4) $.76
-$.19 each (good fillers for a teacher ;)

Folders (10) $.90
-$.09 each (again, good fillers for a teacher ;)

Altogether, my subtotal was $22.24. I paid with $10 in MQs, $12 in RR and $.24 OOP plus $1.38 tax for a total of $1.62. That's cheaper than the two dozen eggs! However, I did lose $4 RR, but oh well, that is what they are there for and I saved 99%!

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