Saturday, July 31, 2010

CVS 7/31

I can't believe it has been 10 days since I last posted. Again, this doesn't mean that I haven't been shopping, just too busy to post :) I got a coupon in my e-mail for $5/$30 at CVS that expired 8/1/10. I looked at the ad for next week and couldn't really find any deals or $30 worth I should say. Unfortunately this was already my second trip to CVS this week, so I had already picked up the U by Kotex and the Photobook that were free. Anyways, here is what I got... a couple of things are missing in the picture, but I will include in the breakdown :)

(3) Lady Speed Stick Stainguard $7.50/ $2.50 each
-(3) $1 MQ
-Earned $2.50 ECB
-$2/ $.67 each

(3) Men's Speed Stick Stainguard $7.50/ $2.50 each
-(3) $1 MQ
-Earned $2.50 ECB
-$2/ $.67 each

Head Bands (not pictured) originally $5.49/ clearance $.55

Vaseline Lotion $7.99/ clearance $3.99
-$1 MQ

Bink (out of package already) clearance $1

(3) Dove Candy Bar $1.50/ $.50 each
-(3) $.79 CVS Qs
-$.87 MM!

(2) Neutrogena Sunblock Sticks $15.98/ $7.99 each
-(2) $2 MQs
- Earned $10 ECB
-$1.98/ $.99 each

This is $8.65 before tax. I was also able to use the $5/$30 CVS coupons so I got everything for $3.65 plus tax :)

And here is a picture of Haylee...I took the bumbo from my sister in-law and brother who aren't using it now and Haylee loves it. She is actualy 4 months old today! She has her 4 month check-up on the 12th and I can't wait to see her stats and how big she has gotten :)

Savings Blog to Date:
Coupons: $1078.78
RR/ECB: $542.43
Rebates: $180.07
Total: $1801.28

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Walgreens 7/21

So I realized that I didn't put my new totals at the bottom of my last post, so I will have to update that this time. Although I am only reporting one Walgreens trip, the savings that will be added are for a trip to CVS, two to Walgreens and one to Walmart. I have also decided that I want to start putting the percentage of savings. This will be a game for me to see how high I can get that number :)

Dr. Scholls Arch Supports (2) $15.58
-$5 July IVC (took of $10)
-$2 MQ
-$2 MQ
-Paid $1.58
-Recieved $5 RR
-Overall I made $3.42!

Colgate Toothpaste $3.49
-$1 MQ
-Paid $2.49
-Received $3.50 RR
-Overall I made $1.01!

Bic Highliters (2) $.98
-Paid $.98

Overall, with tax included, I paid $6.45 OOP and received $8.50 in RR for next time.
(a $2.05 profit!)

Savings Blog to Date:
Coupons: $1008.91
RR/ECB: $507.45
Rebates: $180.07
Total: $1696.43

Because the Walgreens trip was a profit, I didn't calculate the percentage savings because it was over 100% :) However, for Walmart tonight our subtotal was $75.01 and after tax was $32.85. This is a savings of 56%. For Walmart, I would say this is pretty good! Now when I go to Walgreens or CVS I expect a higher number because I go there specifically for the free stuff or even things that are close to free. I think 56% isn't too bad :)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

CVS 7/16

I have to brag this CVS trip up because I was so excited about what I got and what I paid! I was e-mailed a $5/$30 from CVS and thought this was perfect for the Neutrogena MIR deal that was going on this week. So here is the breakdown of the transaction:

Sobe (6) $1.79 BOGO Raincheck $5.37
- (3) BOGO MQs ($1.69 max value)
- $.30 or $.10 each

CVS Hand Sanatizing Pen $1.99
- free CVS e-mail coupon

Bic Razors (3) $11.97
- (3) $3 MQs
- $2.97 or $.99 each

Neutrogena Clinical $34.99
- $5 MQ
- $29.99

Oral B Pulsar (7) $17.50
- (7) $2 MQs
- BOGO MQ that took off $6.99 (the regular price)
- $3.49 MM!

CVS Pantyliners (2) $1
- $1

Paid With:
- The above Coupons
- $5.98 ECB
- $5/30 CVS Coupon
- $24.09 OOP

- $1 ECB for CVS Pantiliners

This is quite a bit out of pocket, but take into consideration that I will be sending in the mail in rebate for the Neutrogena and will get $34.99 back for that. When you factor everything in paid $29.07 so made $5.92 profit for buying all of these things :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Target and Walgreens 7/15

I think I did pretty well at Walgreens. I got stuff I didn't really need though and I didn't have any register rewards to use, but that OK! Here is the breakdown:
U by Kotex (3) $10 - $3 MQs $7 or $2.33 each (I got a free movie ticket too)
Mr Coffee (2) $2.18 or $1.09 each (Clearance)
Salonpas (3) $5.97 - $3 WQs - $2 MQs $.97 or $.32 each
Airwick (2) $9.48 - $8 MQs $1.48 or $.74 each
Nutrigrain Bars (2) $5 - $1.50 MQs - $2 RR $1.50 or $.75 each
Campbell's Soup (2) $1.64 or $.82 each (Clearance)
I also had to buy my mom cigarettes and a lighter so this brought my total up. The Airwicks didn't ring up as 50% off because I don't think these ones qualify in the sale, but I showed the ad which wasn't very specific and they price adjusted them for me. I have five more coupons like this so want to go back and get five more.
So Target was a lot of fun. We bough quite a bit of fresh fruits so this brought out OOP up as you don't get coupons for that :( Oh well. You can't really see the clothes in the back, but I was able to take advantage of the coupons Target sent out! Here is the total breakdown:
Merona handbag $5 - $3 TQ $2 (Clearance)
Champion Hoodie $4.98 - $5 TQ $.02 MM (Clearance)
Champion Shorts $2.48 - $5 TQ $2.52 MM (Clearance)
Baby Rattle $3.52 (Clearance)
Greenworks Laundry $19.98 - $6 TQs - $6 MQs $7.98 or $3.99 each
Baked Ruffles $2.79
Ritz Crackerfuls $2.50 - $1.50 MQ $1
Kool-Aid Fizz $1.94 - $1 MQ $.94
Oscar Mayer Lunch Meat (2) $6.08 - $2.50 MQs $3.58 or $1.79 each
Tyson Ckn Nuggets $4.99
Homestyle Mac & Cheese $2.69 - $1.50 MQ $1.19
Coffeemate (2) $3 - $1.50 MQs $1.50
Applesauce $1.47
Strawberries $1.99
Cherries $4.23
Grapes $1.86
Roberts Cottage Cheese $2.99 - $.50 MQ $2.49
YoPlait Yo Plus Yogurt $1.52 - $.50 MQ $1.02
Breyers Yogurt $1.74 (Clearance)
J&J First Aid (4) $3.88 - $6 MQs $2.12 MM
Scrubbing Bubbles (4) $9.66 - $3.10 MQs - $5 Target Gift Card $1.56 or $.39 each
Purina Smartblend (11) $11 - $11 MQs - $2 TQ $2MM
Coffeemate Powder (2) $2.38 - $1.19 Q $1.19 or $.60 each
Last, but definitely not least, here is a picture of Haylee in her highchair for the first time. She is starting to eat cereal now and soooooo cute!
Savings Blog to Date:
Coupons: $946.75
RR/ECB: $502.45
Rebates: $143.08
Total: $1592.28

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Playing catch up yet again...

Ok, so I am starting this post off with a picture of Haylee. She is just over three months old here, but she looks so much older. She absolutley loves the stroller that aunt Kristin got her because she can sit up in it. I had to put socks on her because uncle Mike said no matter how hot it is outside ALWAYS put socks on babies. That was news to me :)
This is my Walgreens stop. I did three different transactions so I could get all of the toothbrushes for free. I am pretty sure that I used a $2 Oral B coupon on those although they are Colgate making them $1 MMs, but I am not sure how I did that. I also got a Christmas Cookbook for $1, a 3-pack of binks for $3 (these are the same brand as Hay's bottles so I thought they would be good as she is outgrowing the hospital/newborn binks), Scotch pet hair remover for $3, and the Celsius was still a money-maker with the coupon and the register rewards.
Overall, I spent:
$12.96 + tax ($9 RR and $3.96 OOP)
I received $9 in RR back, so it was really like spending $3.96 + tax for these items!

This was from CVS and was two transactions. Believe it or not, I spent $.03 out of pocket for this! One trasaction was the Cristophe and I didn't have to pay tax so it was completely free :) The second transaction had the Cristophe and the candy bar. This is where I paid the $.03. I am not sure when and where they make you pay the tax on the pre-coupon total and not.

This Target trip is one of my favorites. I used 10 Tide coupons for $1 off and size Tide. I got the one load trial sizes that were $.97 each. The cashier adjusted the coupon down to $.97 so those were all free. I had a BOGO coupon for the Sobe and two $.50 Target coupons for the Sobe so these were free as well. I only paid the tax on the item which was $.68! Two drinks and ten loads of laundry for $.68. You can't beat that!

This is another CVS stop. The two Cristophes were free with the $2 CVS coupons and the BioTrue was free after ECBs. The Milky Way was free after the coupon from the "magic" machine. And last but not least, the Huggies were on clearance for $5.99. I used a $3 off coupon to make these $2.99. My girl isn't in size fives yet and I have PLENTY of diapers, but at this price I couldn't pass these up:)
Savings Blog to Date:
Coupons: $863.65
RR/ECB: $502.45
Rebates: $143.08
Total: $1509.18

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

CVS and Walmart 7/6

I think today was a very successful day. I have decided that there was really nothing at Walgreen's for me this week, but did come up with a CVS shopping trip that consisted of three transactions. Of course nothing works out as planned for me, but I still ended up getting good deals. Starting with the bad, I was unable to get the Sobe because the cashier said I couldn't use a BOGO coupon on a BOGO sale. I told her that I did it last week with the M&Ms and she said that is what she was told. There was an assistant manager on the register next to her that thought she was curing cancer and was as grouchy as I'll get out. So that was a no go. I wanted to try a Pantene deal I read on a blog, but that one didn't pan out either as it would have to have included the restorative products and it didn't. Oh, well. I received so many coupons out of the magic machine today too. Unfortunately, I did not get the $5 Tylenol something or other one that most people were getting. This would have been a money maker if I would have gotten it.

I did get a $5/$20 CVS brand coupons and there were the Christophe shampoos and conditioners on clearance for $1.99 and apparently these qualify for CVS brand. There was also a $2 off CVS coupon in there little in store coupon book. I tried to buy them out, which was seven of them, added some Gold Emblem trail mix to get to $20. Then I got to the register....Turns out I need to read the fine print on the coupon. It said one coupon per customer. So again, a flop. I said ok I will do separate transactions to get all of the shampoo and condition still for free. "Cancer curer" heard this and said "It says one per customer, not per transaction". Grouch!!! Oh well, I will keep going back to get them until they are gone!

So now for the good stuff. I took a picture of the last two transactions because I like pictures :)

Huggies $5.99 on Clearance
BioTrue (2) $5.98

Milky Way $.50

Christophe Shampoo $1.99 on Clearance

Christophe Conditioner $1.99 on Clearance

Paid With:
$3 Huggies MQ
$.50 Milky Way CVS Q
$2 Christophe CVS Q
$2 Christophe CVS Q
$9 ECB
$.84 OOP

$5.98 ECB for BioTrue

Here is my picture of Haylee today. She sucks here thumb and I think it is adorable. I know it will be a pain in the but when she gets older though :)
I also went to Walmart today and got some good deals by price matching. My favorite one was $.89 for Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs. I then had two coupons for $1/2 so I was able to get four packs of hotdogs for $.39 each. These are the good hot dogs too, if there is such a thing :)

Savings Blog to Date:
Coupons: $738.78
RR/ECB: $467.45
Rebates: $108.09
Total: $1314.32

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Somewhat Overwhelmed

I have actually done a lot of shopping lately and have even taken pictures to post, but I just haven't done it. I had receipts everywhere for mail in rebates and to add up my savings to report on the bottom here. I had them wrote on an envelope and lost it so I am kind of bummed that it won't be accurate. Oh well, it's not the end of the world!
I wanted to plan a Walgreens trip for this week because I just got a $5/$20 coupon from my dad and looked in the ad and there is really nothing this week! I am bummed, but maybe it's for the best because I could use a break from getting all of this free stuff :) I know that I will be going to CVS this week to get the Sobe, but I don't know what else. I have been enjoying shopping at Target lately as well so hopefully they have some good deals too.

Enough of that. Here are twp pictures of Haylee. I can't believe that she is already 3 months old! She is growing like a little weed. Enjoy the picture.

I have enjoyed putting headbands on her lately. My sister got a whole bag of them for me at a garage sale and she really looks like her mom with them on!

This is right after bath time and I just love the hooded towels :)

Savings Blog to Date:
Coupons: $678.65
RR/ECB: $443.45
Rebates: $106.10
Total: $1228.20