Sunday, July 11, 2010

Playing catch up yet again...

Ok, so I am starting this post off with a picture of Haylee. She is just over three months old here, but she looks so much older. She absolutley loves the stroller that aunt Kristin got her because she can sit up in it. I had to put socks on her because uncle Mike said no matter how hot it is outside ALWAYS put socks on babies. That was news to me :)
This is my Walgreens stop. I did three different transactions so I could get all of the toothbrushes for free. I am pretty sure that I used a $2 Oral B coupon on those although they are Colgate making them $1 MMs, but I am not sure how I did that. I also got a Christmas Cookbook for $1, a 3-pack of binks for $3 (these are the same brand as Hay's bottles so I thought they would be good as she is outgrowing the hospital/newborn binks), Scotch pet hair remover for $3, and the Celsius was still a money-maker with the coupon and the register rewards.
Overall, I spent:
$12.96 + tax ($9 RR and $3.96 OOP)
I received $9 in RR back, so it was really like spending $3.96 + tax for these items!

This was from CVS and was two transactions. Believe it or not, I spent $.03 out of pocket for this! One trasaction was the Cristophe and I didn't have to pay tax so it was completely free :) The second transaction had the Cristophe and the candy bar. This is where I paid the $.03. I am not sure when and where they make you pay the tax on the pre-coupon total and not.

This Target trip is one of my favorites. I used 10 Tide coupons for $1 off and size Tide. I got the one load trial sizes that were $.97 each. The cashier adjusted the coupon down to $.97 so those were all free. I had a BOGO coupon for the Sobe and two $.50 Target coupons for the Sobe so these were free as well. I only paid the tax on the item which was $.68! Two drinks and ten loads of laundry for $.68. You can't beat that!

This is another CVS stop. The two Cristophes were free with the $2 CVS coupons and the BioTrue was free after ECBs. The Milky Way was free after the coupon from the "magic" machine. And last but not least, the Huggies were on clearance for $5.99. I used a $3 off coupon to make these $2.99. My girl isn't in size fives yet and I have PLENTY of diapers, but at this price I couldn't pass these up:)
Savings Blog to Date:
Coupons: $863.65
RR/ECB: $502.45
Rebates: $143.08
Total: $1509.18

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