Friday, July 16, 2010

Target and Walgreens 7/15

I think I did pretty well at Walgreens. I got stuff I didn't really need though and I didn't have any register rewards to use, but that OK! Here is the breakdown:
U by Kotex (3) $10 - $3 MQs $7 or $2.33 each (I got a free movie ticket too)
Mr Coffee (2) $2.18 or $1.09 each (Clearance)
Salonpas (3) $5.97 - $3 WQs - $2 MQs $.97 or $.32 each
Airwick (2) $9.48 - $8 MQs $1.48 or $.74 each
Nutrigrain Bars (2) $5 - $1.50 MQs - $2 RR $1.50 or $.75 each
Campbell's Soup (2) $1.64 or $.82 each (Clearance)
I also had to buy my mom cigarettes and a lighter so this brought my total up. The Airwicks didn't ring up as 50% off because I don't think these ones qualify in the sale, but I showed the ad which wasn't very specific and they price adjusted them for me. I have five more coupons like this so want to go back and get five more.
So Target was a lot of fun. We bough quite a bit of fresh fruits so this brought out OOP up as you don't get coupons for that :( Oh well. You can't really see the clothes in the back, but I was able to take advantage of the coupons Target sent out! Here is the total breakdown:
Merona handbag $5 - $3 TQ $2 (Clearance)
Champion Hoodie $4.98 - $5 TQ $.02 MM (Clearance)
Champion Shorts $2.48 - $5 TQ $2.52 MM (Clearance)
Baby Rattle $3.52 (Clearance)
Greenworks Laundry $19.98 - $6 TQs - $6 MQs $7.98 or $3.99 each
Baked Ruffles $2.79
Ritz Crackerfuls $2.50 - $1.50 MQ $1
Kool-Aid Fizz $1.94 - $1 MQ $.94
Oscar Mayer Lunch Meat (2) $6.08 - $2.50 MQs $3.58 or $1.79 each
Tyson Ckn Nuggets $4.99
Homestyle Mac & Cheese $2.69 - $1.50 MQ $1.19
Coffeemate (2) $3 - $1.50 MQs $1.50
Applesauce $1.47
Strawberries $1.99
Cherries $4.23
Grapes $1.86
Roberts Cottage Cheese $2.99 - $.50 MQ $2.49
YoPlait Yo Plus Yogurt $1.52 - $.50 MQ $1.02
Breyers Yogurt $1.74 (Clearance)
J&J First Aid (4) $3.88 - $6 MQs $2.12 MM
Scrubbing Bubbles (4) $9.66 - $3.10 MQs - $5 Target Gift Card $1.56 or $.39 each
Purina Smartblend (11) $11 - $11 MQs - $2 TQ $2MM
Coffeemate Powder (2) $2.38 - $1.19 Q $1.19 or $.60 each
Last, but definitely not least, here is a picture of Haylee in her highchair for the first time. She is starting to eat cereal now and soooooo cute!
Savings Blog to Date:
Coupons: $946.75
RR/ECB: $502.45
Rebates: $143.08
Total: $1592.28


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm glad to be of help. I like our Airwick thingie, very happy I could get it for free! ha I love your clothing deals. I know I printed those coupons but figured the clothing would still cost a bit. Nice to see you found some on clearance. I might go searching for some myself tomorrow. I'm wondering where you got the coupons for the Cristophe shampoo? I can't find any CVS coupons for that on the internet. Any suggestions?

  2. P.S. Trying to follow your blog but its giving me an error. Will try again tomorrow.

  3. Hello! Me again! I made the follow things work. I'm not one to give up so I played with it a bit. The button on the right doesn't like me so I clicked the follow button at the top and voila'! I'm a new follower of yours.

  4. Well great! I am sorry that I haven't responded. I guess I didn't even pay any attention :) I got the Christophe coupons from a CVS coupon book that was by the Reinventing Beauty Mag. I hav seen others say that they have found it at the front counter as well. Well, welcome and I hope we can bounce good deals off of each other :)