Tuesday, July 6, 2010

CVS and Walmart 7/6

I think today was a very successful day. I have decided that there was really nothing at Walgreen's for me this week, but did come up with a CVS shopping trip that consisted of three transactions. Of course nothing works out as planned for me, but I still ended up getting good deals. Starting with the bad, I was unable to get the Sobe because the cashier said I couldn't use a BOGO coupon on a BOGO sale. I told her that I did it last week with the M&Ms and she said that is what she was told. There was an assistant manager on the register next to her that thought she was curing cancer and was as grouchy as I'll get out. So that was a no go. I wanted to try a Pantene deal I read on a blog, but that one didn't pan out either as it would have to have included the restorative products and it didn't. Oh, well. I received so many coupons out of the magic machine today too. Unfortunately, I did not get the $5 Tylenol something or other one that most people were getting. This would have been a money maker if I would have gotten it.

I did get a $5/$20 CVS brand coupons and there were the Christophe shampoos and conditioners on clearance for $1.99 and apparently these qualify for CVS brand. There was also a $2 off CVS coupon in there little in store coupon book. I tried to buy them out, which was seven of them, added some Gold Emblem trail mix to get to $20. Then I got to the register....Turns out I need to read the fine print on the coupon. It said one coupon per customer. So again, a flop. I said ok I will do separate transactions to get all of the shampoo and condition still for free. "Cancer curer" heard this and said "It says one per customer, not per transaction". Grouch!!! Oh well, I will keep going back to get them until they are gone!

So now for the good stuff. I took a picture of the last two transactions because I like pictures :)

Huggies $5.99 on Clearance
BioTrue (2) $5.98

Milky Way $.50

Christophe Shampoo $1.99 on Clearance

Christophe Conditioner $1.99 on Clearance

Paid With:
$3 Huggies MQ
$.50 Milky Way CVS Q
$2 Christophe CVS Q
$2 Christophe CVS Q
$9 ECB
$.84 OOP

$5.98 ECB for BioTrue

Here is my picture of Haylee today. She sucks here thumb and I think it is adorable. I know it will be a pain in the but when she gets older though :)
I also went to Walmart today and got some good deals by price matching. My favorite one was $.89 for Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs. I then had two coupons for $1/2 so I was able to get four packs of hotdogs for $.39 each. These are the good hot dogs too, if there is such a thing :)

Savings Blog to Date:
Coupons: $738.78
RR/ECB: $467.45
Rebates: $108.09
Total: $1314.32

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