Saturday, July 17, 2010

CVS 7/16

I have to brag this CVS trip up because I was so excited about what I got and what I paid! I was e-mailed a $5/$30 from CVS and thought this was perfect for the Neutrogena MIR deal that was going on this week. So here is the breakdown of the transaction:

Sobe (6) $1.79 BOGO Raincheck $5.37
- (3) BOGO MQs ($1.69 max value)
- $.30 or $.10 each

CVS Hand Sanatizing Pen $1.99
- free CVS e-mail coupon

Bic Razors (3) $11.97
- (3) $3 MQs
- $2.97 or $.99 each

Neutrogena Clinical $34.99
- $5 MQ
- $29.99

Oral B Pulsar (7) $17.50
- (7) $2 MQs
- BOGO MQ that took off $6.99 (the regular price)
- $3.49 MM!

CVS Pantyliners (2) $1
- $1

Paid With:
- The above Coupons
- $5.98 ECB
- $5/30 CVS Coupon
- $24.09 OOP

- $1 ECB for CVS Pantiliners

This is quite a bit out of pocket, but take into consideration that I will be sending in the mail in rebate for the Neutrogena and will get $34.99 back for that. When you factor everything in paid $29.07 so made $5.92 profit for buying all of these things :)

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  1. Good job on all these deals? I totally missed out on the BIC razors I guess. Didn't even know about that deal. Was it only last week or something for the month because I probably have those coupons too. I got the Neutrogena deal as well but did it online through Walgreens. They had the $5. off coupon, and a 20% off code and I got a $10 Walgreens credit to use online. I'm still trying to spend that. Hard to shop now without coupons! lol (can't use mine when online as far as I know.) Trying to figure out what vits I need as they're 1/2 off right now...

    Anyway, I ramble. Talk soon.