Wednesday, May 30, 2012

CVS 5/29.....Physician's Formula

I bought 5 $4/$20 CVS Qs on Ebay to get extra savings on the Physician's Formula. I also got another $1 off toothbrush CRT so used that to get over $20 and get a free toothbrush. Here is how I did:

Physician's Formula $19.29
-$15 ECB Earned ($1.90 towards beauty club too!)

Colgate 360 Toothbrush $2.99
-$1/1 CRT
-$2 ECB Earned
-$.01 MM!

Subtotal: $22.28
CVS Qs: $13.75
Tax: $.86
OOP: $9.39
Savings: 58%

I started with $8.75 in ECBs and ended with $18. This is an increase of $9.25 which is almost what I spent OOP, therefore, almost free!

Walgreens 5/30...More Ecotrin!

I got overage at Walgreens! I repeat, I got overage at Walgreens!!!!

So, I bought 40 of the $5/2 Ecotrin coupons on Ebay in preparation for this deal. Believe it or not, but those coupons weren't very expensive either. Less than $.25 each. Anyways, I thought my favorite BA was just awesome and putting my $5 coupons in at full value when the register asked. However, I went to a different Walgreens today that has the new registers and they scanned at $5 with no problems! I did the same transaction 5 times. Here is how I did:

Ecotrin (2) $3
-$5/2 MQ
-$2 RR Earned
-$4 MM!

Skintimate $2.99
-$2 RR Earned

I used the Skintimate as my filler to use up the rest of my $2 overage from the Ecotrin coupon.

Subtotal: $29.95
MQ: $25
Tax: $2.10
OOP: $7.05
Savings: 76%

This doesn't include the $20 RR I earned. If I add those into the mix, I really made $12.95!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

CVS 5/24/12......

So yeah, this doesn't look like a great trip, but I sure enjoyed it! Here is what I got:

CVS Formula (2) $29.78
-BOGO 1/2 sale (took off $7.40)
-(2) $5/1 MQs
-$3/1 CRT
-$9.38 or $4.69 each

HP 02 Ink $3.37 (clearance)
-$3.37 (happens to be the color I need!)

Crest Toothpaste $4.49
Crest Mouthwash $5.49
-$1.50/1 MQ
-$3/1 MQ
-$1/1 CRT
-$5 ECB Earned
-$.52 MM!

Crest Mouthwash Trial $.99
-$1/1 CRT
-$.01 MM!

Physician's Formula (4) $49.96
-BOGO 1/2 sale (took off $11.50)
-$3/$10 CRT
-$10 Gas Card Earned
-$25 MIR Earned
-$5.24 MIR Earned
-$3.80 ECB Earned (beauty club- don't normally count them, but...)
-$8.58 MM!

Subtotal: $94.08
MQs: $14.50
CVSQ/GC/ECBs: $50.93
Tax: $3.60
OOP: $32.25
Savings: 70% not including MIRs or ECBs!

Target 5/23/12

I wanted to take advantage of the Banana Boat deal and also finish up my P&G rebate deal. I bought coupons on Ebay, but I didn't find any more clearance like I was hoping for. It still worked out okay though. Here is what I got:

Welch's Fruit Fizz (2) $5.08
-(2) $1/1 MQs
-(2) $1/1 TQs
-$1.08 or $.54 each or $.135 a can

Banana Boat (2) $11.48
-(2) $2/1 MQs
-(2) $1/1 TQs
-$5 Gift Card Earned
-$.48 or $.24 each

Nice'n Easy (6) $47.94
-(3) $5/2 MQs
-(6) $2/1 TQs
-$15 Gift Cards Earned
-$10 MIR Earned
-$4.06 MM!

Subtotal: $64.50
MQs: $21
TQs/GCs: $43.89
Tax: $1.64
OOP: $1.25
Savings: 98% (MM if you include the MIR!)

Walgreens 5/23/12.....88% Savings

I am trying to find a good way to use up all of my $.99 Register Rewards. I found these rulers on clearance for $.25. Because I am a math teacher, I will be able to use these :)

Here is how I did this trip:

Depends $4.49
-$1.50/1 MQ
-$3.50 RR Earned
-$.51 MM!

U Kotex $3.99
-$1/1 MQ
-$3 RR Earned
-$.01 MM!

Skinny Cow Candy (2) $5.98
-(2) $1/1 MQs
-$2/2 WQ
-$1.98 or $.99 each

Sleep Sheets $4.99
-$1/1 MQ
-$5 RR Earned
-$1.01 MM!

Ruler (6) $1.50
-$1.50 or $.25 each

Subtotal: $20.95
MQ: $5.50
WQ/RR: $12.96
Tax: $1.05
OOP: $3.54
Savings: 88%

Tinkerbell Decorations I MADE!!!

I bought 4 canvases for a total of just over $10.

I used all of my free paint from recent freebies I signed up for to paint a coat on the canvases. Jason kept asking what I was going to do with all of this free paint and this was my first project!

I used painters tape to tape off sections and used a different color to paint in alternating sections.

I messed up on the bottom one by not painting the green blue : (

Next, I got these frames from Kohl's on clearance with an extra 30% back and earned Kohl's cash. I think before the Kohls' cash I spent $2.79 each on these for a total of just over $8.

I painted each one one of the three colors from the free paint samples. I don't know if you can tell here, but I kept them streaky looking. I like this look and it didn't take very long as you can tell it is not perfect.

Final product....well, kind of. I am going to hang them in Haylee's room
I forgot to say that I got the Tinkerbell pictures from a clearanced CVS calendar that cost $.75.
I am not a creative, artsy person, so I was excited when I was happy with the end product. I will let it be known that I took the canvas idea from Amy, our daycare provider, who got it from Pintrest. The painted frames with Tinkerbell are what I added!

Because I LOVE to save money, I was also excited that this costs less than $20 and the framed Tinkerbell's look like they are worth more than that to me :)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Walgreens 5/16....Mac & Cheese and FREE Vitamins

I have read about people crashing the new system, but my favorite Walgreens still doesn't have it. However, I shopped at a different one to "waste" time and I crashed their system THREE times!  Anyways, I wanted to get Mac & Cheese and use up some $.99 RR from the Starbucks. For some reason it cut me off at 5 RRs too, so I have to pay OOP for my Kraft :(

I also found vitamins that were free after the IVC so I grabbed those and then went to my store to see if they had any. They didn't but I got more Starbucks and mac & cheese while I was there.

Here is how I did:
Starbucks (6) $5.94 + $2.10 (bought coupons on eBay)
-(6) FREE MQs
-$5.94 RR Earned
-$3.84 MM!
Applied Nutrition $4.99
-$5/1 IVC (adjusted)
Disney D3 Vitamins (2) $3.58
-$2/1 IVC (adjusted)
Mac & Cheese (26) $46.54
-BOGO in-ad Q (took off $23.27)
-$23.27 or $.90 each
Subtotal: $61.05
MQs: $5.94
WQs/RRs: $50.65
Tax: $.60
Total: $5.06
Savings: 91.7%

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Walgreens...Starbucks Refreshers!

I want to start this post by saying that this may make some other people/couponers mad. I did clear a shelf for this deal and I don't feel bad about it. I am with the lady on Extreme Couponing who said "If buying the item makes my family money, then I do NEED the item." Also, Jason drinks these kinds of things all the time, so they will definitely not be wasted!

Also, I went to my Walgreens a week in advance and asked them if they would special order them for me. They said they heard from the Pepsi driver that they weren't very good and people weren't really buying them. He said they would allow me to get 28. I asked if he wanted me to wait later in the week and he said no, Sunday morning was fine. This is great, because I read that the warehouse is out and what Walgreens currently has in stock is all they will have for this sale. Here is how I did:

Starbucks Refreshers (28) $27.72 + $9.24 (purchased 20 coupons on Ebay)
-(28) $1/1 MQs (adjusted to $.99 each)
-$27.72 RR Earned
-$18.48 MM!

Now what to do with 28 $.99 RRs!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

5/6 Target.....NIVEA!!!!

I was so excited to get to Target to take advantage of the Nivea deal, but I was a little disappointed that I don't have any Nivea coupons other than the one that came in the beauty bag. I did three transactions in total and used gift cards to pay for all of them. During my first transactions a $3/$20 beauty TQ printed out.

I started with $18.90 in gift cards and ended with $20, so after tax, this was all a money maker!

Nivea Extended Moisture 13.5 oz (4) $16.88
Nivea Extended Moistur 1.7 oz (2) $7.18
Nivea Creme Tin (12) $9.36
-$1/1 TQ
-$3/$20 TQ
-$30 GC Earned
-$.58 MM!

Degree Deodorant (4) $3.88
-(2) $2/2 TQs
-$.12 MM!

Subtotal: $37.30
MQ: $0
TQ/GC: $37.00
Tax: $.01
OOP: $.31
Savings: 99%

CVS 5/6....Cottonelle Covers!

I wasn't planning on stopping at CVS, so I didn't have my ECBs or coupons with me, but I had some extra time and I was near a location I knew had these Cottonelle covers! I don't really care about the toilet paper, but I LOVE the cute containers :) I did these in 4 transactions and am maxed out now.

Cottonelle Covers (4) $7.48
-$7.96 ECBs Earned
-$.48 MM!

Subtotal $7.48
MQs: $0
SQs/ECBs: $5.61
Tax: $.52
OOP: $2.39 (all on gift card)
Savings: 100%

CVS 5/5....Ink Clearance!

I only had planned on getting the Colgate and Crystal Light, but stumbled on a couple of other good deals. Here is the breakdown:

Colgate $2.99
-$1/1 CRT
-$.50/1 MQ
-$2.49 ECB Earned
-$1 MM!

Crystal Light (4) $2
-(2) $1/2 MQs

Speed Stick Deodorant (2) $5
-BOGO MQ (took off $3.99)
-(2) $1/1 CRTs
-$.99 MM!

HP Ink (2) $6.98 (clearance)
-$6.98 or $3.49 each

Subtotal: $16.97
MQ: $6.49
SQ/ECB: $10.48
Tax: $.92
OOP:$.92 (paid with gift card)
Savings: 100%

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April Savings Totals

Under budget this month :) Here is how I did:

Subtotal (after sale/clearance prices): $953.16
Manufacturer Coupons: $234
Store Coupons (includes ECBs/RRs/Gift Cards): $377.62
Mail-In-Rebates: $72
Tax: $26.29
Out-Of-Pocket: $295.83
Savings (including tax): 69%