Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Walgreens 5/30...More Ecotrin!

I got overage at Walgreens! I repeat, I got overage at Walgreens!!!!

So, I bought 40 of the $5/2 Ecotrin coupons on Ebay in preparation for this deal. Believe it or not, but those coupons weren't very expensive either. Less than $.25 each. Anyways, I thought my favorite BA was just awesome and putting my $5 coupons in at full value when the register asked. However, I went to a different Walgreens today that has the new registers and they scanned at $5 with no problems! I did the same transaction 5 times. Here is how I did:

Ecotrin (2) $3
-$5/2 MQ
-$2 RR Earned
-$4 MM!

Skintimate $2.99
-$2 RR Earned

I used the Skintimate as my filler to use up the rest of my $2 overage from the Ecotrin coupon.

Subtotal: $29.95
MQ: $25
Tax: $2.10
OOP: $7.05
Savings: 76%

This doesn't include the $20 RR I earned. If I add those into the mix, I really made $12.95!

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