Sunday, May 6, 2012

CVS 5/6....Cottonelle Covers!

I wasn't planning on stopping at CVS, so I didn't have my ECBs or coupons with me, but I had some extra time and I was near a location I knew had these Cottonelle covers! I don't really care about the toilet paper, but I LOVE the cute containers :) I did these in 4 transactions and am maxed out now.

Cottonelle Covers (4) $7.48
-$7.96 ECBs Earned
-$.48 MM!

Subtotal $7.48
MQs: $0
SQs/ECBs: $5.61
Tax: $.52
OOP: $2.39 (all on gift card)
Savings: 100%


  1. They are just so pretty and MM too! I can't seem to find them at my CVS. Did you find them at the toiletries or were they placed at random place?

  2. Mine were IN the toilet paper aisle but in a special display. There were only four left after I bought mine and a couple of days later the display was gone....I am sad for those who couldn't find them :(