Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tinkerbell Decorations I MADE!!!

I bought 4 canvases for a total of just over $10.

I used all of my free paint from recent freebies I signed up for to paint a coat on the canvases. Jason kept asking what I was going to do with all of this free paint and this was my first project!

I used painters tape to tape off sections and used a different color to paint in alternating sections.

I messed up on the bottom one by not painting the green blue : (

Next, I got these frames from Kohl's on clearance with an extra 30% back and earned Kohl's cash. I think before the Kohls' cash I spent $2.79 each on these for a total of just over $8.

I painted each one one of the three colors from the free paint samples. I don't know if you can tell here, but I kept them streaky looking. I like this look and it didn't take very long as you can tell it is not perfect.

Final product....well, kind of. I am going to hang them in Haylee's room
I forgot to say that I got the Tinkerbell pictures from a clearanced CVS calendar that cost $.75.
I am not a creative, artsy person, so I was excited when I was happy with the end product. I will let it be known that I took the canvas idea from Amy, our daycare provider, who got it from Pintrest. The painted frames with Tinkerbell are what I added!

Because I LOVE to save money, I was also excited that this costs less than $20 and the framed Tinkerbell's look like they are worth more than that to me :)

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