Thursday, May 17, 2012

Walgreens 5/16....Mac & Cheese and FREE Vitamins

I have read about people crashing the new system, but my favorite Walgreens still doesn't have it. However, I shopped at a different one to "waste" time and I crashed their system THREE times!  Anyways, I wanted to get Mac & Cheese and use up some $.99 RR from the Starbucks. For some reason it cut me off at 5 RRs too, so I have to pay OOP for my Kraft :(

I also found vitamins that were free after the IVC so I grabbed those and then went to my store to see if they had any. They didn't but I got more Starbucks and mac & cheese while I was there.

Here is how I did:
Starbucks (6) $5.94 + $2.10 (bought coupons on eBay)
-(6) FREE MQs
-$5.94 RR Earned
-$3.84 MM!
Applied Nutrition $4.99
-$5/1 IVC (adjusted)
Disney D3 Vitamins (2) $3.58
-$2/1 IVC (adjusted)
Mac & Cheese (26) $46.54
-BOGO in-ad Q (took off $23.27)
-$23.27 or $.90 each
Subtotal: $61.05
MQs: $5.94
WQs/RRs: $50.65
Tax: $.60
Total: $5.06
Savings: 91.7%

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