Saturday, January 22, 2011

Walgreens 1/22....Savings of 97%

This was my last chance to get to Walgreens and use up some of the Sinex coupons I bought on Ebay. I bought them before Christmas and they never came so I bought more....the next day the first set I ordered showed up, so I had 40 coupons! I also got a couple more of the Kraft Mac and Cheese coupons I wanted to use on the great deal at Walgreens this week. I used RR to pay primarily so had to have "filler items". We needed sandwich bags so those were my filler items!

I did two transactions for all of this stuff.

Sinex (8) $40
-(8) $4/1 MQs
-$20 RR Earned ($10 for each 4 bought)
-$12 MM!

Kraft Mac & Cheese (4) $6.67
-(3) $1/1 MQs
-$1/2 WQ (took off $2)
-$1.67 or $.42 each

Sandwich Bags (5) $9.45
-$4.50 WQ
-$4.95 or $.99 each

Breathe Right Strips (2) $12.58
-(2) Free MQs that printed at Wags a few weeks ago

My subtotal was $68.70 combined between the two transactions. I used $54.08 in coupons and $12.50 in RR. I paid $2.12 OOP plus $4.03 in tax for a total of $6.15 at Walgreens. I walked away with $20 in RR, so was paid $1.35 for all of this AFTER TAX!

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