Monday, January 31, 2011

Walgreens 1/31...Savings of 123%

Fist of all. here is a picture of Haylee from today. I wanted to post it because she is 10 months old today. I really wanted to get one of her standing, but she was tired of standing.

Next line of business, I stopped at Walgreens to try to use up my Sinex coupons. I noticed when I was setting them out to take pictures that the Dayquil wasn't Sinex! Whoops, but the coupon went through with no problem (didn't do it intentionally though). Here is what I got:

Sinex (4) $20
-(4) $4/1 MQs
-$10 RR Earned
-$6 MM!

Bayer Contour Meter $14.99
-$14.99 MIR Submitted
-$5 RR Earned
-$5 MM!

Arnicare $5.99 (accidentally charged for 2, will be returning one)
-$2/1 MQ
-$6 RR Earned
-$2.01 MM!

Butterfinger Snackerz (6) /100 Grand (not pictured)$5.30
-(2) $1/2 MQs
-$2.84 WQ
-$.46 or $.07 each

I was going to get the Blink, but brought a Visine coupon with my by accident. My subtotal was $52.24. I used $20 in MQs and $29.84 in WQ and RRs. I paod $4.99 OOP (includes tax) When I go back to get reimbursed for what I was over charged I will get $6.41 back too. Overall, it was like a savings of 123%

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