Sunday, January 16, 2011

Walgreens 1/16...Savings of 93%

So Jason sent me out to get beans for the chili this morning. I told him I would try Walgreens so I could use register rewards. He said "just get the beans and that's it". Well, they didn't have beans there, but I still shopped. I wanted to pick up a couple of things that we use although they costs money. He thinks EVERYTHING I get is free stuff we don't use. I had $36 in RR and was willing to burn $10 to show Jason that it is all worth it. Unfortunately, the Sinex pills weren't marked at $5 and there was only one box anyways, so I didn't try this deal today. I did buy 20 coupons on ebay though, so hopefully the pills are included in this deal! Here is what I did get though...

Tuf Trash Bags (2) $9.98
-$4.99 each on sale

Gillette Fusion Proglide Razor $9.99
-$4/1 MQ
-$5 RR Earned

Joint Juice $10
-$1/1 MQ
-$10 RR Earned
-$1 MM!

Thermacare Heat Wrap $2.50
-$1/1 MQ
-$2.50 RR Earned
-$1 MM!

Pocket Tissues (2) $1
-$1 or $.50 each

After sales, but before coupons and tax my total was $33.47. I used $6 in MQs and $25 in RR. I paid $2.47 plus $2.34 in tax for an overall savings of 93%....and more importantly, I bought trash bags so Jason can see that I don't just use RR on free stuff we don't use!

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