Friday, January 21, 2011

Look what I got in the mail today!

Jason and I love getting the mail and race to the mailbox whenever we can. This is probably something most adults don't look forward to as they hate seeing the bills. However, when you get more good stuff coming in than bad stuff, it makes mail time exciting! Here is what came for me today!

I am sure a lot of people are getting their Procter and Gamble Holiday Beauty $20 rebate check like I did today.

More excitingly, I had a package from Bic today. I didn't know what it was and was thinking I got a pen or something. Even better, razor refils! A week or two ago I tried the Bic Soleil Shimmer razor and no lie, absolutely loved it! Right when I got out of the shower, I came down to my computer and wrote them an e-mail. I don't have time to write to 5 companies a day like some people do, but when I really love something, I am gonna let them know. There was an expired coupon in the package and I may have let them know that too ;) Anyways, I didn't hear anything back and thought they weren't going to respond. Well...I was wrong. I got these two packages of refils in the mail letter though, just the refils and that's all. So, thank you Bic for a great start to the weekend!

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