Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Walgreens, CVS and Target all in One - The Best Deals!

So, the last two days I have made multiple stops. I have been to 4 different Walgreens (looking for the Ironman Muscle Rub) and none of them have it yet. Each time there, I bought either a Complete Contacts Solution or the Goody Headbands that are free.
In total from Walgreen's I have gotten :

Complete Solution (MM with $1Q)
2 Goody Headbands (Free)
2 Huggies ($4.49 each)
Pantene Hair Gel (Clearance $1.25 with $1 Q = $.25)
2 Hunts Tomato Sauce ($.50)

I paid $10.48 Out of Pocket for all of this and have $16 in RR left right now.

I had to go to two different CVS because the first one was out of Old Spice Body Wash. But my good deals at both were:

Pampers Swaddlers (CVSQ & MQ=$4.49)
2 Sobe Life Water (Both free after BOGO and MQ)
Colgate Wisp (Clearance and $.75 Q= $1.50)
2 Old Spice Body Wash (BOGO Q and $1Q = $2.01) This gave me $8 ECB too!

I paid $5.56 Out of Pocket and have $8 in ECB left for next time. I got some other things, but these were my good deals!

My Target transaction was messed up by the cashier (who was not very nice!) I had to go to customer service to get $4.75 back and now I see that it should have been $6.81. I am going to go back and get my $2.06 and report my Target savings after I do so!

Savings Blog to Date:
Coupons: $102.85
RR/ECB: $62
Rebates: $2.89
Loyalty: $31.06
Total: $198.80

And for a picture of Haylee!

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