Friday, May 28, 2010

5/28 Walgreens and Target

Ok, so today I truly think I did great and couldn't wait to post. I stopped by Walgreens to see if the Ironman Muscle Rub was in yet and was. So I had four transactions and the GREATEST cashier ever. She was so patient and I think she was having fun too :) So here is what I got:
I started of with two $8 RR from Complete Solution from previous visits.
1st Transaction
Ironman Muscle Rub $5.99 - $1 Q
Goody Headbands $2.99
Hunts Sauce $.25
Paid With: $8 RR and $.23 Out of Pocket
Received: $5 RR for Ironman and $3 RR for Headbands
2nd Transaction
Complete Solution $7.99 - $1 Q
(5) Hunts Sauce $1.25
Paid With: $5 RR and $3 RR from Transaction 1 and $.24 Out of Pocket
Received: $8 RR for Solution

3rd Transaction
Exactly the same as the first

4th Transaction
Exactly the same as the second

So overall, I started with $16 in RR and ended with $16 in RR. I only paid a total of $.94 Out of Pocket and got everything in the picture above :) And then I went to Target....
Tuna had to get in this picture! Notice that you can tell that almost everything has a clearance sticker on it! This is how I was able to get all of this stuff for just over $22. I don't have the break down because my receipt is in an envelope for a $5 mail in rebate. I originally went in to get the Listerine on the right. I read another blog that said it was on clearance for $1.98 a bottle and there was $2/1 printables. Then when I got home I read that you can get a $10 Mail in Rebate for buying just one Listerine product. Since that receipt is already being used for the other rebate, I have to go get one more bottle so I can get the $10. Overall, it was an excellent day for me :)

Here is a picture of Haylee in the bath tub and also one of her in her bassinet that she has already outgrown. When we get back to Nebraska next week, she will be sleeping in her crib!

Savings Blog to Date:
Coupons: $292.37
RR/ECB: $108
Rebates: $12.89
Loyalty: $31.25
Total: $444.51

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