Tuesday, May 18, 2010

5/17 Walgreen's Visit

Yesterday I was able to walk out of Walgreen's with:

Stride Gum(2) $.25 each = $.50
-Walgreens Q
-BOGO 5/16/10 SS

Old Spice Body Wash $4.49 = $4.49 (but free after RR)
-There are a ton of good coupons out there for this, but I used all mine already!

Right Guard Deoderant(2) $.50 each = $.99
-Walgreens has these BOGO
-$3/2 Q at coupons.com

Deli Creations $.99 = $.99
-Walgreens Q
-$1/1 5/16/10 SS

Reach Toothbrush (3) $.66 each = $1.99
-Walgreens Q $6.99/3
-BOGO 5/16/10 RP
-$1/1 5/16/10 RP or there are printables by signing up on the "Reach" website.

I took home these nine items for $9.70 out of pocket and received a $4.49 Register Reward to use on my next shopping visit at Walgreens! So really, I paid $5.29 for all of this and I could have done better if I would have saved an Old Spice Q :)

OK, enough about my shopping visit...here is a picture of Haylee to enjoy with this reading material! I know this is only the second picture of her and again she is naked! It is hot and humid in Houston and she is more comfortable this way :) Can't wait to move back home to Nebraska! That's just over two weeks away and those two weeks can't come and go fast enough!

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