Sunday, October 16, 2011

CVS 10/16....Savings of 97%

I had to go to CVS to take back a wrong prescription for Jason. It was a pretty successful trip. I wish I had more Wisk coupons to finish the gift card deal. Hopefully I can come across some more before the week is over. Anyways, here is how I did:

Wisk Laundry Detergent (2) $9.98
-(2) $2/1 MQs
-$5.98 or $2.99 each (part of gift card deal too)

Dial Soap $1.88
-$2/1 CVS Q (beeped not for card)
-$1 ECB Earned
-$1.12 MM!

Dawn Soap (2) $1.94
-(2) $.50/1 MQs
-$.94 or $.47 each

Revlon Eye Shadow (2) $9.98
-$5/2 CRT
-$5 ECB Earned
-$.02 MM!

Orbit Gum (2) $2.74
-BOGO Sale (took off $1.37)
-BOGO CRT (took off $1.37)

My subtotal was $26.52. I attempted to use a 30% off CVS Q that beeped not for card, but I only have one card and it printed at the end of my last receipt. The cashier took off $4 for this! So, it looked like this. I used $3 in MQs, $13.74 in CVS Qs and BOGO Sale and $9 ECBs. This brought my total to $.78 plus $1.66 tax for a total of $2.44 OOP! This was a savings of 97%.

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