Friday, June 3, 2011

Walgreens 6/2....Easy Money on Finesse and Applied Nutrition!

I had a plan to go in and get the Finesse that will be a huge MM after the MIR and was surprised to find one Applied Nutrition Calcium on the shelf, so I got that a separate transaction. Here is how I did:

Finesse (2) $7
-$1/1 MQ
-$5 RR Earned
-$3.50 MIR (says after coupons and I paid with RRs, this may be a problem!)
-$2.50 MM!

BC Aspirin $1.50
-$1.50 RR Earned

Royal Gelatin (3) $2
-5/$1 WQ (took off $1.40)
-$.60 or $.20 each

My subtotal was $10.50. I used $1 MQ and $8 in RRs, and $1.40 WQ. This brought my total to $.10 plus $.60 tax for a total of $.70.

Then I got:

Applied Nutrition Calcium $10
-$5 WQ (item price adjusted)
-$10 RR Earned
-$5 MM!

My subtotal was $10. I used the $5 WQ and the $5 RR from transaction 1 to pay tax of $.35 and earned $10 RR!!!

Overall, my subtotal was $20.50 and I paid $.10 plus $.95 tax for a total of $1.05. I started with $8 in RR and ended with $11.50. I gained $3.50 in RR and am sending in for a $3.50 MIR so a $7 MM trip :)

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