Monday, June 6, 2011

CVS 6/6...Again...100% Savings...and look at all of these inserts!

When Taylore and I were at CVS this morning I noticed a couple of items on clearance that I didn't have my coupons with me for! Luckily they were still there when we went back. I had to drop her off right next door anyways, so no waste of gas either!

Here is what I got and how I paid:

Nivea Facewash $1.74 (75% off clearance)
-$2/1 MQ (adjusted down)

Gillette Fusion Pro After Shave (2) $3.88 (75% off clearance)
-(2) $2/1 MQs (adjusted down)

I only paid $.39 tax for these three items that my husband will love to have in the stockpile! I asked him if he wanted the aftershave from Walgreens this week for $.50 each, but free is so so so much better!

Lastly, you can not see just how many inserts I got in the picture, but there are 30-31 of each of this weeks inserts. I know a guy who delivers to machines and picks up papers that weren't bought. He just recycles them, so I asked if it was okay if I just took them off of his hands for him and he said "of course"!


  1. I wish I knew a guy like that!!!

  2. I know....I have gotten inserts for three weeks and I am loving it!