Sunday, March 27, 2011

Walgreens 3/27....Savings of 98%

I just couldn't keep myself away from Walgreens this week. I am going to have to do some major Walgreens shopping in the near future to use up some of my $69.50 in RR! I basically paid just tax (around $4 OOP) yesterday for all of this and earned $13 in RR. So another moneymaking day at Walgreens! Here is the breakdown:

Osteo Bi-Flex (6) $59.94
-BOGO Sale (took off $29.97)
-(6) $6/1 MQs
-$3 RR Earned
-$9.03 MM!

Almay (2) $9.08
-$4 WQs
-$10 RR Earned
-$4.92 MM!

Dial Nutriskin Lotion (7) $1.68 (clearance)
-$1/1 MQ (tried to use two and have second adjusted and the cashier said she would have to adjust the price of the item or it would be "fraudulant". However, since she had already started to scan coupons, she couldn't go back and adjust or void or something. I told her not to worry about it and paid for them. These will be donated!)
-$.68 or $.10 each

Poptarts $2.50
-needed these to cover overage of Osteo Bi-Flex

Huggies Wipes $5.99
-$2 WQ (found the book!, but they took my coupon :(
-$1/1 MQ
-$2.99 or $.0138 per wipe!

My OOP compared to the value made it a saving of 98%. I love good days at Walgreens. It was just a good week actually!

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