Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Walgreens 3/23...HUGE MM DAY!!!

So, I went to 4 different Walgreens as to not clear any shelves. I don't remember how many RR I had to start with, but I now have $47. I think I may have had right around $20 so a huge gain! Here is how I did:

Almay Make-Up Remover (5) $21.65
-(5) $2/1 WQ ($10)
-$1.10 BOGO 1/2 off sale
-$25 RR Earned
-$14.45 MM!

Snickers Egg (10) $5
-(5) $1/2 MQs

Reach Toothbrushes (12)$23.88
-(4) $2/2 MQs
-$3/3 MQ
-$.50/1 MQ
-$12 RR Earned
-$.99 in-ad Q (took off $12)
-$11.62 MM!

So, just adding up the last dash on the 3 different items, I made over $26. It's tempting to not go back and get more make-up remover. I have looked everywhere for the $2 MQ for Almay too and can not find it anywhere!

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