Sunday, August 29, 2010

Walgreens 8/29

I would have to agree with most people when they say CVS is way better than Walgreens. However, there are some good deals this week. I did two transactions and came home with the products below. I only had $6 RR from last week and because my two transactions were almost the same, I wasn't able to use RR from transaction one for transaction two. So, my OOP is way high, but I have a ton of RR to use next week. I hope there are some good deals coming up too!

Soft Soap Body Wash (4) $14
-(4) $1/1 MQ (from CVS)
-(2) $5 RR

Wags Perfection Tampons (2) $3.98
-(2) $2 RR
-$.02 MM!

Listerine Zero $2.99
-$2 MQ
-$1 RR
-$.01 MM!

Breathe Right (2) $8
-(2) $4 RR

Carmex Moisture Plus (2) $4
-(2) $2 RR

Colgate Total $2.99
-$1 MQ
-$2 RR
-$.01 MM!

Irwin Supplements $10
-$10 RR

Although it was a lot OOP, I have A LOT to spend next week as everything was free or better after RR. I also got a catalina for Free Jumpstart to Healthy Fall survival kit. I doubt I will get it as it says limited to the first 5,000. We'll the picture it looks like a bag, water bottle, jump rope and something else.

Here is Haylee sleeping in her swing!

Savings Blog to Date:
Coupons: $1437.34
RR/ECB: $755.39
Rebates: $202.03
Total: $2394.76

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