Saturday, August 14, 2010

Probably Best CVS Shopping Trip Yet 8/14

My subtotal was actually negative! I have never seen this before, so I had to take a picture. The smallest ECB I had was $4 and I wasn't sure they would take it as it would cut into the tax. The cashier said, let's try. Sure enough, it took off the whole $4, $.32 of that being tax! As you can see, I paid $1.65 out of pocket, used a $4 ECB, so really this all cost $5.65. But wait, did I mention I got $14.99 back in ECB? That makes it a profit of $9.34!!!

From reading other blogs, people have said that limit 6 on the Sobe deal means 12 drinks, but I wanted to ask and they said limit 6 drinks, so I will be going back! This is next weeks deal by the way. My favorite CVS in Lincoln has them going Saturday at open!

Here is the breakdown:

Sobe (6) BOGO Sale $5.37
-(3) BOGO MQs $5.17
-$.20 or $.03 each
- I told him from the start the max value of the coupon was $1.69. He said it was easier for him to just do $1.79. But he only did one at $1.79 and the other two at $1.69.

Blink $7.99
-$1.50 Printable MQ
-$7.99 ECB
-$1.50 MM!

Zegerid $9.99
-$4 MQ
-$7 ECB
-$1.01 MM!

Right Guard Deoderant (8) BOGO Sale $17.96
-(4) BOGO MQs 17.96
-(2) $1.50 MQs $3
-$1 MQ $1
-$4 MM!
-I had another $1 MQ I could have used but counted wrong. Oh well, still an amazing deal! I don't know how that all would have worked anyways with my total.

I also had a $5/$30 CVS coupon that I used, so you can see why this trip was so much fun! I was going to get the Crest toothpaste deal too, but that tag wasn't up yet and last weeks deal may have trumped next weeks. I can always go back :)

And here is Haylee! She looks huge here...and she kind of is. Her 4 month check-up was Thursday and turns out she is 99% in height and 96% in weight. The doctor said she is more mature than most 4 month olds!

Savings Blog to Date:
Coupons: $1205.45
RR/ECB: $616.43
Rebates: $194.07
Total: $2015.95

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