Thursday, May 12, 2011

Kohls...Saved 100% and a Picture of Haylee

I hate taking pictures of clothes because it's hard to see the good value you got. I am doing it anyways because I had a fabulous trip yesterday. I had a $10 coupon in my e-mail for a store remodeling - come check us out kind of thing. I scoured the baby clearance for Haylee and couldn't find anything I liked for her that I was willing to pay. So, I "bought" a couple of things for myself.

Unionbay Shoes $4.69 (clearanced from $46.99)

Apt. 9 Top $5.20 (clearanced from $26)

So I would have never paid $73 for these two items, but after the clearance prices, they came up to $9.89. My $10 coupon took off all of that and there was no tax since it was a store coupon! So...100% FREE, and I am wearing my new shoes to work today!

Lastlty, here is a picture of Haylee being cute!

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