Saturday, April 23, 2011

Super Savings Saturday - - Menards

Next on the lists and down the street from Walmart, was Menards. I don't usually stop there, but because I was already out and about and in the neighborhood, I decided to make a trip. I did pay out of pocket for this stuff, but the I will send in for the rebates which come in the form of store credit. (which we can always use with a 100 year old house)

KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce (4) $5.68
-(4) $.50/1 MQs
-$4 MIR
-$.32 MM!

Forever Stretch Lids (2) $6
-$6 MIR
-FREE! (not on the list, but looked cool)

Go Green Garbage Bags (2) $4
-$4 MIR
-FREE! (we can always use more garbage bags!)

Pretzel M&Ms (4) $11.76
-(4) $1/1 MQs
-$8 MIR
-$.24 MM!

So, I spent $21.44 OOP, plus the $.70 tax for a total of $22.14. I don't like doing this, but have to remind myself that I will get back $22 in Menards store credit! Taking that into consideration, it was a savings of 100%

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