Sunday, February 5, 2012

Walgreens 1/5....Star Wars!

I knew Walgreens wouldn't have many of the Star Wars figures in stock, so I wanted to get their early this morning to have the best chance of getting in on this deal. I don't know why though, as I don't like Star Wars or really know anyone who would enjoy these. I will find someone to donate them to though :)

I also almost/possibly stumbled on an amazing moneymaker, but the manager and cashier both said no and wouldn't even try. There were three One Touch Ultras on the clearance shelf for $18.99 each originally $74.99. I knew I had the $10/1 MQs, but that would only bring them down to $8.99. An amazing price if this is something that you need, but not for me! So, I decided to swing by the aisle to see if there were any tags indicating RRs or WQs and sure enough there was a tag for the Ultra 2 regular price $74.99-$30 WQ= $44.99.

However, the meters that were in that shelf place were the same ones that I found on clearance, not the Ultra 2. I was hoping they would atleast try it for me, but the manager said, it won't work because it is for the Ultra 2 not the Ultra. So, I was hoping for $30 overage total as if it would have worked the WQ would have automatically adjusted down to $18.99 each and the MQs would have been my overage. Anyways, as I was taking the three meters back that I no longer wanted, the manager took the other four that were on the regular shelf and took them in the back stating he didn't think they were supposed to be marked down.

Aside from that, I did okay... here is what I got:

Star Wars Figures (4) $45.96
-BOGO Sale (took off $22.98)
-(2) BOGO MQs (took off $19.98- cashier was unsure about doing this!)
-$3 or $.75 each

Milk $3.49
-$.40/1 MQ

Breathe Right Strips $6.49
-FREE MQ (catalina)
-$2/1 WQ
-$2 MM!

Snickers Creme Hearts (10) $5
-(5) $1/2 MQs
-$.39 WQ (took of $1.10)
-$1.10 MM!

MQs: $31.87
WQs/Sale/RR: $26.08
Tax: $2.06
OOP: $5.05
Savings (before tax): 95%

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