Sunday, February 5, 2012

January Savings Total

I adjusted the budget to $300 a month a bit to early I think. I was way below this past month, but that's a good thing! I am sure that I will have months in the near future that I make up for being under budget this month.

Here is how I did:

Subtotal (after sale/clearance prices): $1062.53
Manufacturer Coupons: $376.31
Store Coupons (includes ECBs/RRs/Gift Cards): $485.53
Mail-In-Rebates: $17.68
Tax: $33.40
Out-Of-Pocket: $216.41
Savings (including tax): 79.6%

So yeah, even after the $33 tax, I was still $85 below budget. This means without including tax, I was below budget by $117.

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