Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Walgreens BIG Dove Moneymaker - - 8/22

I just read about the Dove moneymaker at Walgreens and because I had (3) $3 RRs and (1) $4 RR, I decided I could use those with a small filler to keep my OOP low and make some money! My two worries were that 1) they wouldn't have any Dove left and 2) they would have caught on before I got there and the deal wouldn't be working anymore. LUCKILY, the deal was still working and they had enough soap I could have done this about 15 more times. (Instead, I told my cashier about it so she could take advantage of it as well ;) I stuck with four transactions and it is listed here as one to make it easier:

Dove Bar Soap (12) $23.88
-$.99 WQ (took off $12)
-Earned $24 RR
-$12.12 MM!

Folders (3) $2.07
-6/$1 WQ (took off $1.56)
-$.51 or $.17 each

Lunch Bags $2.19
-$1.29 WQ (took off $.90)

My subtotal was $28.14 I used NO MQs, $14.46 in WQs and $13 in RRs. This brought my total to $.68 plus $.96 tax for a total of $1.64. However, I earned $9 in RRs more than what I started with. Therefore, before tax, this trip was a $8.32 MONEYMAKER!

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