Sunday, August 14, 2011

8/14 Walgreens....Pampers!

I wanted to do the Pampers deal twice, so I did the other deals twice. I only did two transactions so my OOP was a little high because I couldn't use any of the RRs from the first transaction on the second.

There was also a little problem with the Pampers coupon that printed out, so I don't know if they changed that to after the Infant Care Booklet coupons. The first transaction I bought $30 worth of diapers which means a $5 Pampers coupon should have printed out. However, only a $2 one printed out. On my second transactions, I bought the same amount of diapers but forgot to give the Infant Care book code and a $5 printed out. So, yeah, that is what I am going with!

Here is my two transactions listed as one:

Pampers (6) $60
-(6) $2/1 MQs
-$2/1 WQ (took off $12)
-$6 RR Earned (two $3 RRs)
-$7 Pampers coupons printed out!
-$30 or $5 each

Pampers Wipes $2.49
-$2 MQ printed in T1

Scope Mouthwash (4) $8 (clearance)
-(4) $.75/1 MQs
-$6 RR (two $3 RRs)
-$1 MM!

Milk $3.59
-$.50/1 MQ

Revlon Nail Polish (2) $7.98
-(2) $2/1 WQs
-$6 RR Earned (two $3 RRs)
-$2.02 MM!

Breathe Right Strips (3) $.75 (clearance)
-$.25 each

My subtotal was $82.21. I used $17.50 in MQs, $16 in WQs and $9 in RRs. This brought my total to $52.31. I also earned $9 RRs for a total of $18 and I have a $5 Pampers coupons left over. That means all of this cost me $43.31. It looks like it is only a savings of 48%, but it feels better than that!

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