Monday, February 21, 2011

$81.93 of Science Diet for $2 plus tax!

Petsmart is having an amazing deal on their Science Diet Dog Food. I only had one of the $5 MQ from the paper. However, I did see on another blog about coupons from their website. I signed up and got $28 worth of coupons there. Overall, I had $38 worth of coupons so I picked up 7 bags of the food that was on sale for $5 each. I paid $2 plus $2.45 in tax for a total of $4.45. The original price of this food is $81.93. I could have gotten 6 bags and paid just $2.10 in tax, but I thought I would get the 7th for and extra $2 as that is an amazing deal :)

This is a savings of 98% !!!!!!

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