Sunday, December 5, 2010

Target 12/5 ...... Headache of a trip!

So the first pictures is of everything that went wrong in this trip while the second picture is everthing that made me money.

Here is the story behind the "problem" items. Starting with the not pictured...I picked up three Air Wick Candles that were $2.99 and tried to use three $3 manufacturers coupons. I am glad I was paying attention while the coupons were being taken off. For some reason it was only taking off $1 for each coupon. Apparently this put me on the cashiers bad side. She started saying stuff about how they get in trouble for "giving stuff away for free". Excuse me what? I said "Target is still getting paid for these, but it is by the manufacturer. Anyways, she wouldn't fix it for me and asked if I wanted to take the candles off my order. I said yes, she gave the coupons back and I will try it at a different Target $$Next, I picked up 4 Air Wick Oil Refils at $2.99 a piece and 3 Night Light Holders. This is how it should have went, but she gave most of my coupons back to me so these will be going back.

Air Wick Refils (4) $$11.96
-$3/3 MQ

Air Wick Night Light Warmers (3) $5.97
-(3) Free when you buy refil MQs (5.97)
-(2) Free when you buy 2 refils TQs ($3.98)
-$3.98 MM

So, I will be taking these all back and getting like $20 back. I will also be taking back the Barilla Pasta that I thought I had the free coupon for from VocalPoint, but had the BOGO Friends coupon instead.

Here are the good/great deals I picked up though.

I was able to get the six sleepwear items for a $7.12 profit by shopping off the clearance racks. I plan to give the shorts for Christmas, maybe keep a top and donate the rest.

The other big money maker was the Beneful dog food. I bought seven for $11.34 ($1.62 each), but had $14 in MQs ($2 each), so a $2.66 MM!

Overall, the trip was good. Could have been great if the cashier didn't act as though I was robbing her. She tried to tell me she was doing me a favor by accepting some of my coupons. I then informed her that all of my coupons were legit and she stopped at that. I will be contacting Target though, as she was way out of line for basically saying that I was using the coupons wrong.

Savings Blog to Date:
Coupons: $2614.58
RR/ECB: $1176.34
Rebates: $229.03
Total: $4019.95

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