Sunday, December 18, 2011

CVS 12/17.....AWESOME Coke Deal!

I had $20+ towards the gift card deal and had to go back to finish that off. I also read that some really good coupons were printing on Saturday only. I used two of those (Zhu Zhu Pet and Coke) I was planning on getting the Coke and the Zhu Zhu pet helped me get to $20 so I could use the $5/$20 coupon that was found in a number of papers. I actually printed off 4 of each of those coupons and did 4 different transactions. They are listed here together to make it more simple.

Coke/Dr. Pepper (12) $48
-$4/3 CVS CRT (printed Saturday only)
-(3) $3/3 CVS Q (from various papers)
-$35 or $2.92 each

Huggies $11.99 (not pictured-needed one more to get next pack free)
-$3/1 CVS Q
-$1.50/1 MQ

American Greetings Card (3) $2.97
-$2/3 CVS Q
-$3 ECB Earned
-$2.03 MM!

Zhu Zhu Pet $9.88
-$8.99 CVS CRT (printing Saturday only)
-$.99 (these are BOGO this week, so I may take it back and get 2 for $.99)

Riccola (2) $3
-$1/1 MQ (couldn't find my other two :(
-$1 ECB Earned
-$1 or $.50 each

Bandaid $2.99
-$2 ECB Earned

Welch's Grape Jelly $2.77
-$2.77 (no coupons, but needed it and helped to get to $20)

Bayer Advanced (2) $1.98 (raincheck)
-$2/1 MQ (adjusted to $1.98)

Dulcolax $4.99
-$5/1 CRT
-$.01 MM!

All together, my subtotal was $88.57. I started paid with $4.48 in MQs, $51.89 in CVS Qs, $7 ECBs and $22.20 on gift cards. This brought my total down to $3 plus $1.50 tax for a total of $4.50 OOP. I started with $12.20 on gift cards and ended with $14.22 for a gain of $2.02. I started with $3 ECBs and ended with $3 ECBs. This means that all of this really cost me $2.48 after tax or a savings of 97%

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