Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sneak Peek of Haylee's outfit for 6 month pics & her 1st OWIE :( & Savings Update!

Oh yeah, this is my new hair (I cut 8 inches 10 if you count the layers)

Haylee's dress from Once Upon a Child for her 6 month pictures that are a week from today.

The dress came wth the cute shoes...all for $6.50!

The story behind Haylee's owie....
Haylee hasn't been sleeping at night for whatever reason and Jason said he would watch Haylee while I take a nap. About an hour later I hear Haylee screaming bloody murder. Jason took her outside to calm down and I finally came downstairs about a half hour later to notice a huge red scratch/mark between Haylee's eyes. Turns out Jason was cleaning the kitchen and put Haylee in the bumbo on the floor. I have told everyone before that she can get out of it now so she needs to be closely supervised while in it. Anyways, she reached her way out of the bumbo and hit her head on the corner of the cabinets! I am just so thankful that this was all on the floor and not on the counter where she could have fell to the floor.
Savings Blog to Date:
Coupons: $1809.77
RR/ECB: $939.82
Rebates: $212.03
Total: $2961.62

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  1. Aww, your little girl is adorable, I love the sweet little dress too!