Thursday, June 24, 2010

Walmart 6/24

I haven't really been a Walmart shopper lately, but I decided to go and get some good deals that I read on some blogs. So, my mom, Haylee and I all set out today and got some ok deals. It is so much easier to go shopping when my mom is there to take care of Haylee! I was hoping to get some other things, but the prices were different at our Walmart than what I was reading on others blogs. Anyhow...this is what I got:

Trop 50 Orange Juice $2.66
-$1 Printable MQ

Best Life Buttery Spread $1.82
-$1 MQ

Nestle Tollhouse Cookies (2) $4.32
-(2) $1 Printable MQs
-$2.32 or $1.16 each

Skinny Cow Ice Cream (4) $4.88
-(4) $1 Printable MQs
-$.88 or $.22 each

Bordens Singles Cheese $1.88
-$1 MQ

Purina Kitten Chow 16 oz $1.87
-Free MQ

Kraft Salad Dressing (4) $6
-(4) $1 MQs
-$2 or $.50 each

Kraft Sandwich Shop Mayo (2) $3
-(2) $1 MQs
-$1 or $.50 each
Welches Reduced Sugar Grape Jelly $2.16
-$.75 Printable MQ

Nexcare Bandages (4) $6
-(2) $1 Printable MQs
-(2) $1 MQs
-$2 or $.50 each

NYC Face Powder $2.72
-$1 Printable MQ

NYC Liquid Foundation $2.74
-$1 Printable MQ

Rimmel Mascara $2.97
-$2 Printable MQ

Sara Lee Bread $1.88

Meow Mix Cat Food $10.37
-$1.50 Printable MQ

Schick Disposable Razors $1.97
-$2 MQ
-$.03 MM!

In our move I have seemed to lost my make-up bag and am still unable to find it three weeks later! I bought this make-up to either get by until I find mine or start my new collection. I know it is extremely cheap for make-up but we'll see how it works! My total before coupons was $57.24 and after coupons was $28.12. This was a savings of 49%. The cat food is what drove my cost up, but we needed it!

And now for a picture or few of Haylee. I just took these tonight. It's hard to believe that she was 12 weeks old yesterday! She is very close to rolling over and when she can't do it, she gets very mad. Needless to say I have a very upset baby every time she is on the floor trying to roll over. It's also amazing how many people say that she looks just like me. All of my family says it, but even when we go to the store, completely random people constantly say how much she looks like me!

She is actually smiling in this picture. She is such a sweetheart when she smiles and talks! It's definitely my favorite :)

Savings Blog to Date:
Coupons: $613.67
RR/ECB: $371.95
Rebates: $73.87
Total: $1059.49

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